Simple pedigree chart for Night Wish Sentinel (1298397)

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Long Coat blk/red GSD pups VA1 sired (2018 US Sieg
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V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,
Stud Dog

Super Female! CGC, BH Solid Foundation for More!
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Simple pedigree chart for INTCH,JCH(PL-LT) Night Wish Sentinel

INTCH,JCH(PL-LT) Night Wish Sentinel
MULT, INT CH, BISS Cuda´s Speedfighter
MULTI & INT CH Dr. Hakenbush's Bon Jovi John
(HR10788SF AST)
CH Mlader's Mad Max
BIS Mlader's Jolly Joker
(HR10530 AST)
INT CH Rainbo Geronimo Mlader's
(AKCRM10942201 (MET 8363/H/96))
INT CH River Runs Calamity Jane
(AKCRM11069106 (HR 10466 AST))
ICH Cindy of Yellowfire
Mlader's Casandra Rea
CH Dr. HakenBush's Calamity Ann CHM-HR 6PRM UVIII
INT'L/ MULTI CH WoodForest EZ Chances 'R' (5)UVHD
CH Woods EZ McRuff
(AKCRB271256 6-92)
CH Woods EZ Coral's Blue Star
(AKC RM03615007)
INT CH River Runs Calamity Jane
(AKCRM11069106 (HR 10466 AST))
UKC CH. River Run's Hook Line-N-Sinker
Indi In Diva Sting
MULTI WW, EW & CH Milwaukee De Ngorong-Ngorong
(LOE0928971 (HR 10706))
INT & MULTI CH Red Bull De Ngorong-Ngorong
(LOE0702793 (ES 99167541))
INT'L CH Elsa De N'gorong N'gorong
INT CH Rounder's Ruffian Lady
(AKCRM14850604 (LOE 0729102))
CH Tonkawa Big Tex
Rounder's Bunny
Cool Wind Kennel Wadi
BISS & MULTI CH. FlameWood's Rainbow Dragon ATAXIA CLEAR
INT CH Woodforest EZ Dragons Flame
(JKSHR 10320)
Ori JKS JR 60069
(JKSJR 60069)
INT. CH Astra Alma
(JKSJR 40083)
INTER CH MULTI CH Make a Wish Sentinel
INT.CH. ALAMO Sentinel
CH Angie's Jeremiah Johnson
INTCH AUSCH VDH Tippitt's Yankee Sunny BH/AD/SCHH 1+2
Barberycoast Kindered Spirit
INT.CH Thunderdome's Odie
Thunderdome I'm A Freckle Too
INTUCH PLCH Jessy Sentinel
INT & MULTI CH Gang-Staff Big Tex CLUB W`01
(AKCRM28952401 (PKR III 36185))
INT & MULTI CH Darsonvali Olmar
(JRSP71836 (EST 00168/96))
Mokka Validus
GADGET Sentinel
NIGRA z Antuszy
J CH U2 Grace Sentinel
CH Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky
INT CH Ralph du Donjon Magnolia WW '97
(LOE0886998 (LOSH 716688) (CLP 1152/94))
LU CH Magnolia's First Lady
INT CH Yaga Tipit z Hanky
CH Tipsy (1990)
JCH, CH PL , LTU Sunshine Sentinel
INT & MULTI CH Red Bull De Ngorong-Ngorong
(LOE0702793 (ES 99167541))
INT'L CH Elsa De N'gorong N'gorong
Brandy Sentinel
No information about the Sire
No information about the Dam

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