Simple pedigree chart for maryjane (1295745)

Pedigree Database

Qvido Vepeden daughter 20 months old
Female for sale

Wisconsin German Shepherd Stud Service
Stud Dog

Trained adult female black and red, spayed
Female for sale

Simple pedigree chart for maryjane

Mein Staffi Fluke
CH Fraja EC Make Your Move
(AKCRM16469503 (LOI 99126477))
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Ruff Rider
CH Fraja EC Dodge City
CH Fraja Maria's Tia Maria
CH Fraja EC Sunny Girl
CH Fraja Thunder Battery
CH Fraja EC Movin' To The Max RN
CH Harmony's Jazzie Max Of Camelot
Barway Camelot Trouble Abrewing
CH Fraja EC All The Right Moves
CH Fraja EC Sunny Girl
Galaxy Tipit Z Hanky
CH Macgyver Tipit z Hanky
CH Wood's EZ Diamondback Dragon
Wood's Diamondback Dotty
CH Scharon Tipit Z Hanky
CH Tipsy (1990)
INT CH Yaga Tipit z Hanky
INT CH Camelot's Gallant Buck
Ch. Camelot's Princess Jean
CH Tipsy (1990)
CH Tippitt's Beau Jangle
CH Mein Staffi IntrepidRose
CH Bertholdmeinbiertrinker
CH Hagele's Karlmann
INT CH Hagele's Ares
(VDHDCBT 00129)
Handsome Lady Vom Simba-Camp
INT CH Afra V Irrbuhl
(VDHDCBT 0040)
Britta V Simba Camp
CH. Hagele's Larissa
INT CH Hagele's Ares
(VDHDCBT 00129)
Handsome Lady Vom Simba-Camp
Hagele's Gunfire
(VDHDCBT 0481)
Hagele's Cobra
CH, INT CH Mein Staffi Valerie Duval
YWW'94,VWW'00, CH Mein Staffi Ishtar
W.W.91 INT.CH.LUX.CH Sindelar's Fred
INT CH Barberycoast O'Class Bandito
(CKCTL573917 (AKC RB142701))
AKC CH Sindelar's Misty Mudd
CH Hagele's Xanthippe
(VDHDCBT 0260 (TR049851))
Hagele's Josephine
Hagele'S Kleopatra
CH Storytime Song And Dance Man
(AKCRM 021038/08)
Wildwind's Image of River Run
INT CH Magnolia's RC Cola
CH Tara's Magnolia's Sandcastle

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