Simple pedigree chart for BRAND NEW GILLE ESTEL (1255787)

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Simple pedigree chart for JCH BEL BRAND NEW GILLE ESTEL

INTER, MULTI CHI Kredo Festa Zoltan
(RKF1771732 (BCU 286-002634))
CH RUS Vita Kenbo Imidge
CH RUS Vita Kenbo Utan Uzi Hunter
AKC CH & RUSSIAN CH Finwar's Whiskey Jack
(AKCRB373878 (RKF 0003896))
CH Stone Mtn Whistling Dixie
Vita Kenbo Isabel
J des Dobs de la Loube
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion T1
(AKCRM12184705(RKF0009795 CMKU2909/96/94/96))
INT'L/ MULTI CH WoodForest EZ Chances 'R' (5)UVHD
CH Woods EZ McRuff
(AKCRB271256 6-92)
CH Woods EZ Coral's Blue Star
(AKC RM03615007)
CH Scott's Angel Kisses
AKC/UKC CH Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
(AKCRB117956 (UKC APBT P151,789))
Lady Scott of River Run
CH RUS, CH RKF. Kredo Festa Ketrin The Great
INT CH Kredo Festa Joshua Li Var
INTCH MULTI CH Storytime's Eye of the Tiger
Storytime's Beverly Hillbilly
RUS CH Chatelaine Sweet
Pidzhein Gavial
CH.RUS Vita Kenbo Telvis
CH. RUS, LIT Imperia Staff Vatson Vita Kenbo
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion T1
(AKCRM12184705(RKF0009795 CMKU2909/96/94/96))
Vita Kenbo Hainy
Vita Kenbo Issidora*
CH RUS, BLR, JCH RUS Stellar Vey Winzdora
GR CH Royal Court Winning Combination
(AKCRN07339804 (RKF 1728485))
WW08,10,12, BIS, BISS MULTI CH, INT CH, AKC CH Royal Court Winning Colors TT, CGC
(AKCRM36610801 (DKK 06747/2007))
BIS BISS INT CH, Multi CH Fraja EC Gold Standard CGC
(AKCRM25039802 (FIN 28291/03))
CH Fraja EC Rider's Solid Gold
USA CH Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
CH Can Do KS Designing Woman
CH Royal Court Made In America
CH Willynwood Starfire Eclipse
Ch. Willynwood Dana
CH Royal Courts I Feel Like A Woman
CH Royal CT Sabrina Of Dauntless
CH RUS,BOS&HERC,RKF Speranza Grande Ferrari WINNER OF CLUB'10
JCH RUS CH RUS Schumaher Foreign Fine Ot Vladlei Arish
CH. INT, RUS, RKF Imperia Staff Danny Bush
Woodforest Phantasy Illusion T1
(AKCRM12184705(RKF0009795 CMKU2909/96/94/96))
CH GRAND, CW Imperia Staff Formula 1
Tara's Bullit Star
CH.RUS;KZ Mits Hell Gaygers
Tutancamon De Mandraka
Szalai´s Chamberry Richtarova Luka
Black Larsy
Giljotina Black Star

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