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by Gsdjackson on 19 August 2019 - 09:08

Sorry for the the lack of specificity in my original post. I was trying to ask my question as simply as possible,and understand that it appeared ambiguous. Here is a less ambiguous version.
I have owned 5 WGSL's and am fairly knowledgeable about pedigree info for the WGSL. I recently recommended friends to a WGSL breeder that I trust. He has no available WGSL pups,but has available a puppy from the WL dogs in my original post. My friends prefer the look of the SL,but are not averse to a WL. Both the sire/dam of the available pup are in Germany,as well as the puppy,so viewing them in person is not an option. Again,i trust the breeder and his partner in Germany,who bred my current WGSL dog. My concern for my friends is that a flat out working dog may be a little more dog than they want. They love the breed,but do not really understand the split between WL and SL. Ideally,they would like,when compared to the average,a higher drive SL or a moderate/lower drive WL. I understand that asking for a lower drive WL seems ironic,but I want both friends and dog to enjoy the journey.
So,with much more background info,can you folks with more WL knowledge give me an idea of what MIGHT be expected from this pup as far as drives,temperament, health and working ability might be.
Thanks in advance for your time and replies.

delta von Avalik

by delta von Avalik on 19 August 2019 - 11:08

I have a 2 year old male sired by Lord Ad-Gur, the mother line is completely different from Karline however. He is an EXCELLENT dog, he is extremely environmentally sound and social. He has no problems with other dogs or animals and welcomes all people he meets. He has good judgement and understands being gentle around small children. He is a house dog and IGP dog, he should be getting his first title here soon. His prey drive is very high but he has a good off switch in the house and can settle down.
As far as temperament goes, I think Lord produces outstanding pups but I don't think you'll find a lower drive WL from his lines unless there is just a washout pup. If your friend is nervous about having a dog with too high of drive, why not check out the show line breeders around your area? Or wait until your oversea's breeder (that you trust) has another litter available? If your friend prefers the look of a SL and wants a lower drive dog, I don't see why they should rush and get a working line puppy.

by Gsdjackson on 19 August 2019 - 23:08

Thank you for the help. I will probably advise them to wait for the SL. Just wanted to explore this option as well. Watched numerous videos of Lord ad Gur and was very impressed. Best of luck with your boy.


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