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by duke1965 on 05 May 2019 - 14:05

some nice pictures from czech TART competition with some strong GSD, notice there is no Trained or preferred target area like in dog sports



by yogidog on 05 May 2019 - 16:05

Nice pictures i like a dog that isn’t always looking for a leg or an arm and will take any opportunity to grab what ever is open 👌

by duke1965 on 05 May 2019 - 19:05

that is problem when allways targeting forearm or biceps, will give problems with certain dogs when forearm or biceps are not available to bite


by yogidog on 05 May 2019 - 19:05

Iv seen many dogs miss the bites and kind of freezing when arms are not available .for me it’s very silly to target especially for pp dogs a civil dog should bite anything on the body imo

by duke1965 on 05 May 2019 - 20:05

we can call it sportism LOL

by ValK on 06 May 2019 - 00:05

indeed, it is sportism.
even worse when this used with dogs, destined for real work.

by duke1965 on 06 May 2019 - 04:05

Thats why I like the TART competitions, never same program, dont care where they bite or of they have full calm grips LOL

by ValK on 06 May 2019 - 13:05

problem is that this type of protection training is not compatible with approach in IPO, which did become widespread staple
in obtaining titles for dogs. if you teach the dog do rational fight with purpose to increase dog's chances to survive when
confronting human, that dog definitely will be disqualified in C phase of SchH/IPO "test".

by duke1965 on 06 May 2019 - 15:05

think it is, ast most of these dog have normal titles as well, which they need to be able to breed in czech republic

my old dog Jupp z jenive was such type as well, could do all kinds of civil and suitwork with him, meanwhile I titled him to IPO3, he never once missed a sleeve in IPO training and titling

Having that said, I had a bouvier once that typically would go over or under the sleeve, he bit helpers in IPO in the shoulder, stomac or upper leg LOL

still was supersocial boy LOL but he got me send out of few IPO clubs

by ValK on 06 May 2019 - 17:05

from about dozen + pictures on link, you provided, only one dog (mali) went after armed hand... sort of, because bite was placed not really on arm but rather shoulder.
that indicates that dogs do have options to choose where to bite in absence of the sleeve but not trained in direction of rationality in fight.

b.t.w. i went on their site and did read rules of that discipline. little better than IPO but overall not impressive. still the play in boundaries, allocated by PETA and official sport perceptions.


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