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by SavanaTheHusky on 15 April 2019 - 03:04

Hi im new here so if this topic is on the wrong forum im sorry.. i am looking for some answer that can help me not being so much confused :p

note, i live in philippines and closest scan for dogs are 6hrs away from where i live, and if she is pregnant i dont want to stress her on this trip, thats why i dont do scans. please respect that.. 

My husky mated feb 15, 16 and if counting from first mating she should be on day 59 today..and from last mating she should be day 56 today..

she had a silent heat in february..

Now here's the thing..i dont think She look pregnant at all?..Her former owner who i bought her from, told me that Savana (my husky) always have between 2-4 puppies only per litter. (she have had 3 litters in his possession).

so i know where the average of puppies lays between , the only thing thats different is that her teats are little swollen and pinkish, and she started to whine now and then 5 days ago (like 4-6 seconds every 3-4hrs).

and sometimes she dont want to eat her food (i divided 2 main meals into 4 meals as she should eat lesser more often) , sometimes she eats sometimes she dont..

she lays on her side and sleep a lot more than before, OR she might just be tired? i dont do heavy exercise with her, more than walking in leash few minutes due to soon time of whelping if some pictures she looks pregnant, some she looks normal/fat..

it might just be a small litter and thats fine with me. But i dont feel any movements at all until now and that makes me confused ..i did see something similar to a big kick on her rib cage when she was laying down and i tried to feel movements, but maybe thats just a nerve or twinch when she was sleeping? i tried to feel again but i dont know if it was her breathing or a puppy movement.. im not sure, im so confused..

I own both Dam and sire, and both has pedigree, so no one will "attack" me about it , just in case :p as i saw on most topics online that people getting upset if breed without pedigrees .. i just want to know if it might still be possible that my husky might still be pregnant even if no big tummy , and maybe just have 1-2 puppies? ..

hope for some answers that can try help me understand more about this pregnancy as this have never happen to me before..TIA

by hexe on 15 April 2019 - 07:04

The best way to tell what to expect would be to have the vet do an x-ray; that way, you'll not only get confirmation that she really is pregnant, and not just going through a false pregnancy, and you'll also know how many pups to expect.

by SavanaTheHusky on 15 April 2019 - 09:04

@hexe , i would love to do a scan but closest scan for us is 6hrs away and right now if it turns out she is expecting, i woyld rather not put her in that stress of a total travel time of 12hrs .. Now i wish i did the scan when she was 4weeks or so..its my fault..

by 1GSD1 on 15 April 2019 - 09:04

Even with 1 puppy at day 59 her nipples should be much larger than they were at the time of breeding and her vulva should be swollen. If you did an ultrasound at 4 weeks that doesn't mean she would still be pregnant. They can reabsorb before 40 or so days. If there is 1 puppy she may need a c-section. It may just be the effects of progesterone after a cycle. They show some signs but never progress.


by Hundmutter on 15 April 2019 - 12:04

There's a difference between a 'scan' and an old-fashioned X ray film machine. Presumably you do have a Veterinary Surgeon closer than the six hour journey - maybe they still have one ? What about human medical facillities - sometimes they can be persuaded to help in unusual circumstances. If not, what would you plan to do in the case of need for any emergency surgery for your animal(s) - including but not exclusively the need for a Caesarian ?

by SavanaTheHusky on 15 April 2019 - 22:04

My vet is 10mins away and they do cesarian but they dont have ultrasound or xray here..this is philippines, they barely use those stuff..but the closest scans are 6hrs starting to think she isnt pregnant as no milk is in yet and she is day 60now from first stud and day 57 from last stud.. And tummy is not big except the ribcage but so many is saying they dont carry puppies in the ribs so i think she isnt pregnant and thats ok :) her old owner checked her 10 days ago and he told me its positive, maybe 1-3 puppies so i thought she was but turned out opposit :) but its ok, thats life :)

by hexe on 16 April 2019 - 00:04

Ah, my apologies...I should have considered that you might not be in an area with easy access to a full-spectrum vet hospital. Well, with no imaging capabilities, you're best assessment tools are your own eyes and the observations of her prior owner...he has seen what's normal for her to look like when she's pregnant, so I'd err on the side of safety and be prepared for pups.

You might want try using the female's temperature to try and determine when she'll start labor--take her temperature today and record it, then do it again tomorrow at the same time of day, and continue to do so daily. In theory, about 12 hours before starting labor, a dog's body temperature will drop below 100 degrees F/38 degrees C. Unfortunately, it seems that a great many females never read that part of the textbook, and you never catch that drop in temperature. It's worth a shot, though.

Good luck with her; hopefully she's either pregnant with a small litter and will have them without any complications, or she's not pregnant and has just been fooling you to get extra food. You should know for sure in the next four to five days.

by SavanaTheHusky on 16 April 2019 - 01:04

@hexe i showed her old owner pics of her taken today and he said he is not sure now either because i told him there is no milk at all , no bump underneat the nipples so no milk is present..but i dont know if she is pregnant, can the puppies hide inside the rib cage? like 1-3 puppies? her rib cage seemed more fuller day 45-58 but now it seems like its getting back to normal size.. i dont feel any movements at all in tummy either ,, :/ her tummy is hard when she sit down, but if lay down or standing , its soft.. she started to dig on the cement floor now 2 times but maybe just to cool down? .. yesterday i checked her vulva and it looked like a small drop of white/clear discharge .. but maybe dogs have that even if not pregnant..just 2-8 days more to find out..she is day 60 now from first stud and 57 from last stud..but i hate this waiting game when there is no signs at all XD .. but this morning she didnt want to eat, she just laid down next to the bowl and trying to sleep .. but since no milk buildup at all, i am afraid she is not pregnant..and thats totally ok.. but it would be good to know if yes or no :p ..

by Churchman on 18 April 2019 - 17:04

Well, any puppies yet? :)

by SavanaTheHusky on 18 April 2019 - 22:04

until now no puppies, day 63 today from first stud :p .. im starting to think no puppies at all because there is no signs, no enlarged nipples , nothing :p .. maybe next time :) but its still few days left to see, but i doubt it XD she had a silent heat in im guessing i noticed the heat to late? what i thought was day 1 of her heat might have been day 6-8? and then counted 9 days and then stud so if she was on day 7 in her heat and i waited 9 days , makes it day 16 of her heat and thats to late already to stud? im thinking she might have been further ahead on her heat than i thought XD first time i experienced a silent heat tho.. but now i know when she will expect her next heat if ever i will try then :)


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