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by AnaP on 12 April 2019 - 23:04

Hi all. I’m looking for a German Shepherd puppy. I learned some tips to choose a healthy puppy, but I still have some confusions on what kind of puppy I should choose. I could really use your help, thanks!
Here are some specific questions I have:

-I want to have a sable German Shepherd(German line), and I learned normally they are working line dogs(and I think working line dog looks really pretty). As working line dogs they require lots of out door exercises. Right now I think I can spend 2-3 hours per day for the dog, does that enough for a working line dog?

-I’m not looking for top quality puppy, but I would like to have a healthy and stable dog. What price will be reasonable to purchase this kind of puppy?

-If you have some recommendations on breeders that will help as well!

Thanks for the attention.

by AnaP on 12 April 2019 - 23:04

Oh I’m in the United States so please recommend breeders within the country if you are dosing so. Thank you!

Q Man

by Q Man on 13 April 2019 - 14:04

Maybe you could state what your want from your dog...I mean are you looking for a Pet...Personal Protection...Sport...Police Work...Scent Work...etc...What are you looking to do with your dog and where are you located (this way some breeders could be suggested that might be closer to you)…
I hate to ever ask this but what is your budget?
Do you have experience with larger breeds...What experience?


by ValK on 13 April 2019 - 18:04

it seems you need a companion dog, sable in color and with good health.
that won't be difficult since majority of offers is what you're looking for, except of health assurance.
health of future dog depends on genetic and absolutely correlated with health of parents and previous generations.
thus technically you need to find a breeder, who can provide real proof for that.
price will depend on breeder's appetite and may vary from free to several thousands.

by AnaP on 13 April 2019 - 21:04

Thank you Bob!

I think I want a dog that can protect me. I’ll move to Illinois in July, so I think I’ll get puppy after that time.
Below $2000 is the price I can afford. And to be honest its my first time to have an idea to keep a dog...

Q Man

by Q Man on 14 April 2019 - 14:04

Please do more research...Even take the opportunity to visit some breeders and/or some clubs which train German Shepherds...Such as AKC Obedience Clubs...Some local Schutzhund Clubs (Working Dog Clubs)…
Ask questions and don't feel bad about asking very basic questions...We all start somewhere and if you don't ask then you might be sorry...
Ask questions about the 2 different bloodlines...Showline and Working line...
Take your time and if someone can't or won't answer the questions you have...then go and ask someone else...
When you get a dog it's for life...So be sure you get what you want...



by Spruell on 15 April 2019 - 14:04


by apple on 15 April 2019 - 16:04

"I think I want a dog that can protect me."

If you kinda want something you will kinda get it.


by ggturner on 15 April 2019 - 18:04

Is this going to be your first dog or your first German shepherd? If you've never owned a dog, I wouldn't recommend getting a German shepherd for your first dog. Dogs are a big responsibility. German shepherds are an even bigger responsibility. As others have said, do lots of research.

by Centurian on 15 April 2019 - 22:04

I'll start by stating that my intention is to tell you get a protective dog or to convince you not to have a dog with the ability to protect you . That would be critical of me having trained personal perotections dogs for myself and police dogs. But I do want you to think or re-think what you are asking yourself to undertake.

Once a dog is capable of protecting , whether having learned formally or informally to intervene on your behalf then , no matter what anone lese has to say about this , the dog is no longer ever, ever , ever a family pet companion or sport dog. The dog is a 24/7 weapon, a deadly weapon ! If you want a dog to truly protect you , then the dog will not play with other dogs [ because his center should be all you /family . With the exception of letting children always be approachable to the dog , you have him become indifferent to all other people and you will be keeping his suspicious level towards other people outside your social circle high . To be friends to all will no longer be his purpose. There lies a very high litigation consideration of having such a capable dog too. Dogs make mistakes ...thay are not robots . This type of dog requires incredalby intense and precise teaching and control .The dog must be quite discernable and should never ever be allowed to make any decision by himslef - no naything without being told to do so [ unless you have the undertanding with the dog that in certain situations the dog has unspoken permission to encounter - this must explicitly be taught to the dog] . He will have the training and capability[ formally or informally ] to a level that not even somewhat experienced dog people can undertake / handle.
Other considerations : The dog will not and cannot be with you every moment of your life - will it ? And the fact of life is that any person, is capable of anything, at any time and at any place. That is just a fact of life. Dogs do not stop bullets nor hidden knives . They cannot help you if they are contained or if they are not with you . When we trained with police officers they carried a remote that would automatically dispatch the dog from the cruiser if the dog has access to them when in danger. You will not be driving around with a remote dispatched capable vehicle and you have to get out of the vehicle at some point without a dog. That is just one circumstance - but the point is made.
When people call me for a dog that will protect them , I discuss tmuch with them : all the pros and cons to owning a dog that will protect them.
I always tell people that they should learn how to protect themselves .. Everyone IOMP should know how to protect themselves. I just came from Home Depot and had 7 GS in my truck . She asked why I had a whistle on my key chain. I told her that it was a marine life saver whistle that I use for my dogs and that I use if I think I am going to be in danger. I advise everyone to take some self defense lessons. And I do not mean the hokey pokey sports martial arts taught often today. You have to learn real to life protecting. One does not have to be super strong , super big. I can teach a twelve year old girl in a split second to kill someone if her life was on the line. But part of defending yourself is using you heand/ mind. Also one has to have the mental awareness / situational awareness .
If someone is ever forced into a vehcile , 99% of the time , that person will never ever be seen alive again . What woud happen if you were forced into a vehicle when your dog could not be with you ? I cannot express in a post why and how you can should learn to protect yourself no matter who you are. I don't care how many lbs / kg you are .... you can take someone's eyes out as fast and as easy as any one else in the right moment. If somethinghappens to your dog , you need back up - yourself ..
Another consideration [ if it is allowable where you live, some contires I know in Europe have very very strict laws about guns and fighting !!]. But anyway, another consideration is to learn to shoot a pistol - anyone can learn and today the sights on then are incredible. Especially the dot sight or the laser sightings. Point and shoot . In my state 10 year olds are taught to shoot pistols and rifles. Take a course for your concelaed weapons permit. I have friends at 60 years old that never fired a shot in their lives ,who took a course and now they carry . Excuse the expression , little old men and ladies , they are . What do you do if someone attacks you and kills your dog ? Most often .... what people need to know that in a public open place , if there is one perpetrator there is a second or third one too . Again if your dog gets maimed , injured or dead , what then ?
I am not tunnel visioned nor do I get all wound up tight about canines . Everyone on this thread so far commented about working line dog .. great .. I Always told people in my canine classes : the dog is 50% of the equation , but the other 50% of that equation is the owner [ a very very important part of the equation indeed - the dog's life depends juast as much on the ownrer/handler , just as an officer always protects his dog ].
I have had 30 GS in my lifetime and some police capable and Personal protection GS at that So , I am not telling you to get a dog to protect you nor am I trying to talk you out of getting a GS for ptrotection. I used to teach a Home Alert : a ' Turn on / Turn Off Deterent scenario " for home security .
My message to you is that if you think and feel that you need protection , then dam well cover all your bases and protect yourself ... don't just think that this is covered by having a dog all the time. My message is to thi k your decision through .


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