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by skitsojoe on 05 June 2012 - 06:06

well. your dog seems to be a bit long in the leg for a staff to be honest with ya. the same with his build. its hard to tell sometimes these days cause so many people don't no what there at when there breeding. and end up breeding pits with staffs, or with half staffs. some people think just cause it has big defined muscles it has to be a pit. the breeding of pitbulls should bare left to the people who no what there at. although some people intentionally breed pits and staff cause they like the outcome. personally i wouldnt. some people call there dogs pits when really they are staff. but they call em pits just because they don't av the papers to prove its a staff. and as the IKC will not take pits its hard to no whos the genuine and fake breeds. u also have people who own a dog with they call a pitbull. which is actually a staff. telling u your dogs not a pit. its happened to me. i had two fellas telling me my youngest pit i have is not a pit. one of these fellas doesnt even have a dog, the other fella, has a dog he thinks is a pit, for 6months. i have pitbulls all my life. i breed them and rare them. in my life time iv had bout 15 pitbulls. i have documents upon documents about the breed. iv friend in america that are professinal breeders for years. they tell me my dogs are genuine pits. who would u believe. breeders of 20, 25 years, or a fella who has a so called pit 6months. very annoying to say the least. anyways sorry bout the long message. i got a bit carried away. well my answer is. i think ur dogs a pitbull. hope this helped you...................................... mind yourself :-). this dog in the pic is my roxy at 9 weeks old. she is an outstanding dog. hope u agree thanks


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