Simple pedigree chart for Tanana Chinook (2074525)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH.FIN, WINNER FIN. Tanana Chinook

CH.FIN, WINNER FIN. Tanana Chinook
(FIN39905/04, PKR.V-11101)
AMAL z Wojskowego Placu
CH BIANKO Gwiezdna Sfora
CH Benchmark Night Moves
BISS CH. Northpaw's Ghostbuster
CH. Orsetto's Hoot N Holler
CH Champaign's Montak Blue Magic
CH Poker Flat's Nashuba
FAUNA Zagóro
CHPL Arrow Amana Cs
(PKR V.III-624)
Highnoon Del Monte CS
BONZA Zagóro
No information about the Sire
No information about the Dam
MILKA Wichrowy Zaprzęg
Nurmi Del Monte
(CSHPK 728/89)
WORLD WINNER Heritage KB Tribut Of Chinook
(DCNHAM 00209 (AKC WF912561 ))
Mesquite of Timook
CH Kotzebue Taku of Chinook
Jouka-Jouwiniak of Keewatin
Cold Valley's Ewika
CH KORA Wichrowy Zaprzęg
CHPL Arrow Amana Cs
(PKR V.III-624)
Highnoon Del Monte CS
MLCHPL/CHPL Farsa Molosos
(PKR V-IX-1731)
Crazy del Monte cs
CH.PL, CH.RUS, BOG Forti Fortuna Pass The Queen
CH Kipmik's Going My Way CHD 10866
CH Kipmik's Direct Action CD
BIS/BISS/AM/CAN CH Nanuke's Take No Prisoners ROM
CH (US) Nanuke's Seal of Approval ROMWD
CH Kipmik's At'sa Lotta Woman
CH Howlingwind's Neeko For Kipmik
Kipmik's Ain't She Sweet CH
BIS/BISS AM CH Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM
AM CH Northeast Scarlet Fever ROM
CH Howlingwind's Neeko For Kipmik
Howlingwind's Earth Angel
CH C.v. Selection Line Overnightrain
Nearly-Jarno of the Jongblood Trail
Jongbloed of the Wolf Chorus
Seanee's Anook of Sugarbear
Cold Valley's Legend De Hurtado
Iditarod Trail Duska
C.V. Selection Line My Fatal Attraction
Joli Mapa Haut-Gommont-Yourka
Blue Ice Kiss of Stormkloud
CH Blue Ice The Leading Lady ROM


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