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VA (BSZS) Peik vom Holtkämper Hof ~ Atlanta, GA
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Import Home Protection k-9 $6800
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Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute
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The History

Russell's Yveti Rose born on Sep 17, 1964
Russell's Yveti Rose
Spawn's Alaska born on Sep 07, 1946
CH Spawn's Alaska

Sample photo gallery

Lola gallery - Dog: MYSTERY OF MY SOUL Illa Kuvianartok

MYSTERY OF MY SOUL Illa Kuvianartok aka Lola

Lola 1Lola 2Lola 3Lola 4Lola 5Lola 6Lola 7Lola 8Lola 9Lola 10Lola 11Lola 12Lola 13Lola 14


Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Starting Your Dog in Tracking

Tracking is a sport where the people take the passenger’s seat.  The dog is in the lead and is able to confidently do what comes naturally to it, and we must learn to trust in this ability.  For some people, trusting the dog and letting it lead are two of the hardest parts of beginning work in tracking.

  • Traveling with Your Dog

    Dogs are a part of the family, and they go everywhere with us.  Whether it just a short trip for an errand, to the park, to a training class, or to a competitive event, you have to plan ahead to travel safely with your dog.

  • HD Zuchtwert Breed Value Assessment Number

    The best tool for breeders in the fight against canine hip dysplasia (CHD), to come along in years, is the SV's HD Zuchtwert, or Breed value assessment number (HD ZW). The HD ZW number is an estimation of the probability that a dog will produce progeny with CHD. 

Recently added pedigrees

Malakwa Creek Back To The Matanuska River

Malakwa Creek Back To The Matanuska River

Inserted:10 hours ago
Female (2550566)
Neatut Angar Ikkublawok

Neatut Angar Ikkublawok

Inserted:14 hours ago
Male (2550428)
Neatut Awamurtok Tatkret

Neatut Awamurtok Tatkret

Inserted:14 hours ago
Male (2550427)
Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani

Neatut Atauserk'Lu Kissiani

Inserted:14 hours ago
Female (2550426)
Neatut Atatau'Kattau Auma

Neatut Atatau'Kattau Auma

Inserted:14 hours ago
Female (2550425)

Sample premiums

14:54 23 Apr 2016
United States
IPO1 IMPORTED Breeding Female
03:30 05 Sep 2016
United States
Female puppies from SG32 Solo von Bienenwald
Acelin German Shepherds
23:42 19 Sep 2016
United States
VA2 Nino von Tronje /VA2 Iliano vom Fichtenschlag
Acelin German Shepherds
01:25 08 Sep 2016
United States
IPO3 Sired Male PuppySold out

IPO3 Sired Male Puppy

Puppies for sale
15:40 27 Aug 2016
United States

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