5 generation long pedigree for Tewinots Kodiak of Northwind

Pedigree Database

Super Female! CGC, BH Solid Foundation for More!
Female for sale

Litter from VA4 BSZS 2018 Cyrus vom Osterberger-La
Puppies for sale

3 monts VA1 Willy son for sale
Male for sale

Pedigree for

Tewinots Kodiak of Northwind

Valden's Kodiak of Canjor

BIS AM/CAN CH Northwood's Lord Kipnuk

Taaralaste Lord KnikCH Tote-Um's Littlest Hobo
Kodara El Toro
Tote-Um's Alaskan Parka
Tote-Um's TotemKodara El Toro
Knotty Pine Angel of Korok
CH Eldor's LeaEldor's ShemyaKobuk's Manassas Ambition
Ambara's Kanik
Abbagale of Eldor'sJoseph's Star
Cheeko's Breezy Fleeta
Hanna's Alaskanstar of Valden

CH. Hokie-Hi's Rusty BearCH Eldor's Smo-Kee BearCH. Eldor's Little Bo
Eldor's Talkeeta
Sharavin's SheeniekCH Kodara's Makushime
Kodara's Fire Frost of Tote-Um
Eldor's MistyEldors JuneauEldor's Shemya
Abbagale of Eldor's
Tishka's MishkaCH. Eldor's Little Bo
Chilanko's Tishka Doll ROM
Misty Nakai of Northwind

Windrunner's Pauite of Atkin

CH Sittiak's Dakili NyacCH Coldfoot Wolf of SittiakCHD 335P CD ROM OBROM
CH Shuyak Caro of Cold Foot CHD 335P CD ROM OBROM
CH Cold Foot's Chevak ROM
Tigara's Nitok of ArticaCH Thor of Tigara
Tigara's Winsome Witch
Tigara's Tatiana of TotemtokTigara's Shadow of Totemtok
CH Tigara's Torch of Arctica ROM
Totemtok's Tiana of Alaskana CD
Sabra of TotemtokCH Hombre De La Mancha
CH Tigara's Aurora Borealis
Silky of Highland's

Evil KnievelYukon's Silver HawkAlaskimo of Pine Creek
Yukon's Silver Dawn
Yukon's Autumn HazeROM
CH 2T'Domar's Bismarck ROM
Yukon's Silver Jewel
Sandy SnowconeN Bar J's TundraROM
CH 2T'Domar's Bismarck ROM
Nordkyn Lightning
N Bar J's HiawathaROM
CH 2T'Domar's Bismarck ROM
N Bar J Barrette

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