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by duke1965 on 16 February 2020 - 14:02

problem with todays overly social dogs is that they are also social to criminals unfortunately, I think a lot of leading people in LE K9 world should rethink what they want for dogs and new handlers, as the fails on the street are getting more and more, I know for a fact a country or two are reevaluating the situation as we speak

by ValK on 16 February 2020 - 16:02

ok. but how they gonna change established status quo?
all dogs in use by LE/military comes from commercial market.
what number after 0.0... of percentage need to be put in, to reflect LE/military share of that market?
commercial breeder's main goal is to sell all produced dogs with profit.
narrowly oriented breeding will produce the dogs, who is not suitable for LE/military purpose neither for main market, thus that means loss of income.
i mentioned earlier that i very much appreciate your openness and it's not just compliment for sake of compliment. have you or anyone else notice - albeit PDB do not disclose the amount of members but from the traffic and activities in the forum and from liveliness of classifieds, seems today its most active GSD dedicated resource on internet. but how weak and small activity of breeders in discussions. there are lots of member-breeders who is seen very active in classified but never in forum. and according to placed ads, all of them produce only superior dogs, thus and so must be have wealth of expertise. is that so, if ones have nothing to share from that rich knowledge and experience?

by duke1965 on 17 February 2020 - 01:02

well I believe in simple rule, that supply will follow demand, so if demand changes, the supplychain will adjust itself,

a lot of people who sell pups, wouldnot call them breeder by definition, many of them are easy recognizable as they mostly share the same list of studdogs used, wouldnot have anything to bring into any serious discussion, but also they simply , folow demand


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