A 100% DDR is a 100% DDR because Mr Sosnovsky says it is .... no corroborating pedigree required - Page 13

Pedigree Database


by stormins on 06 June 2019 - 17:06


I am trying my best to be as prolific as you.... but I doubt I will ever catch up to your 177 pages of posts... :p

Did you have an experience with Stasi kennels you would like to share? If not you might want to start another thread about prolific posts.

I just got a private message from yet another buyer who was blocked by Alex @ Stasi after they reported the horrible hips to Alex on the Stasi dog they bought from him ... He called them a liar as I recall.

I don't have the time or inclination to stalk you or read your 4 thousand posts...But If you read the 12 pages here you will see a litany of issues with Stasi kennels from several people that purchased from him.

The purpose of this thread is not to compare the quantity of posts to which I will gladly concede to you.... but to show the pattern of deceit by Alex in the name of the $$ in the hopes that future buyers will understand that the probability that they get something different from what they are told, is very high.

Anyone who would sell Eva Stasi a dog that he picked up at some random kennel and sold to an unsuspecting buyer as one of his own bloodlines requires more than 1 page to document.

I have made an open request more than once for Alex to upload the documentation that that allegation is incorrect.....

To date .... nothing

by hexe on 06 June 2019 - 22:06

Honey, I've been here since the site started. So in the grand scheme of things, 4000-some posts really isn't all that prolific. [Edited to add: Oh, and you apparently do have time to 'stalk' me, if you went to the trouble of figuring out how many pages and how many individual posts I've got to my name...I had no idea, but then again, I don't keep score.]

Don't know why you got your panties in a wad, I simply asked a question, because I DID read all 12 pages--I've been following along--but was never really clear as to whether you had pulled the trigger and purchased a dog, only to learn after the fact that the lines weren't what was being claimed, or if you dodged the bullet by learning that info prior to parting with any monies.

I've got no love for someone who misrepresents what they're offering for sale, but it's pretty clear that this breeder isn't going to put up, since it appears he's shut up [perhaps he was barred from advertising on this site until he provided proof of his claims, or perhaps he was even banned for failing to provide the proof after ample time was given? I have no idea.]

It's nice that you want to prevent other people from being taken advantage of, but there are still going to be those who will believe his side over yours, no matter what you do, and at this point you really haven't been able to get any more information out of him. This thread will not disappear, and anyone who takes a few moments to do some web searching will find it and be able to decide for themselves after reading it whether they want to trust him with their money. If you want to give examples of breeders who are truly working with the DDR lines they claim, this thread isn't where people will go to look, however. You'd do better to start a new one with the information about those breeders, such as Parchimer Land and Gräfental.



by sierradi@hughes.net on 08 June 2019 - 15:06

Just got K-Chana Stasi x-ray of hips and elbows at 14 months old. Alexander Sosnovsky sold me a dog with bad genetic hips! I emailed him her x-rays since he blocked me on Facebook. I haven't heard back from him. He won't back up his breeding dogs. He ripped me off! I reported him to Dr.W.Werbitzki and he replied:
"Good afternoon!
I have no communication with Alexander Sosnovsky and I can not be responsible for its action. It is not a member of our club of dogs. Therefore, if you have to it claims you can address with them in court. At me a lot of the work, I am the professor of medicine and I do not have time to deal with your problems, please solve them independently.
Yours faithfully"

I couldn't attach the picture of her x-ray here. Anyone who wants to see it, email me at luckndi1@gmail.com

by stormins on 08 June 2019 - 16:06


You like some others seem to stalk threads just to make snide self serving comments that do not add to the investigation and solutions available. If you had truly read the 12 pages you would have had your question answered more than once.

As to some people believing his side over the documented reports of many of his buyers ... that is their choice.

When you are training a German Shepherd puppy NOT to chew on electrical cords, you never say "NO !" "LEAVE IT" without providing them with a good choice "Here's your toy" !!

The exposing and education in this thread is no different... Many people have gotten out of their comfort zone to expose the danger (think electrical cord) and it is logical to show the alternative safe choices instead of leaving the person researching doing business with Stasi , with no reputable alternative.

by stormins on 30 June 2019 - 15:06


It is impossible to breed perfection ...

But when there is a problem then we expect the seller to back up their promises with a solution that is mutually acceptable to both parties.

When I questioned Stasi kennels about their false advertisement in regards to my purchase, and offered 4 potential solutions to make good on his empty promises, Alex Sosnovsky also chose to block me on Facebook.

Is this the pattern you would/should expect from a reputable breeder?

by stormins on 16 July 2019 - 19:07

I stated it was a pattern because I am not the only one he blocked on Facebook rather than reach a mutually acceptable resolution

by stormins on 08 August 2019 - 16:08

Let me go back in my chats with Alex and I will post his response about the pedigree

by stormins on 20 August 2019 - 06:08

I know that those dog is DDR rooted. It's enough for me 12/22/18, 9:52 AM Then show me the missing pedigree and that will be enough for me and my customers who expect proof of 100% rooted. If every breeder said what you are saying then why do we need registry from the clubs??


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