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by AkitaPedigrees on 07 June 2020 - 00:06

Dear Breeders & Owners of Akitas,

-- When entering Akita pedigrees, please take care that you are entering the correct information.

-- Double check your spelling, make sure you have not double tapped a letter, or have forgotten a word within the registered name.

-- Never enter a pedigree using the dog's call name. It is a site wide rule to use the full registered name of the dog. Dogs entered by call name only will be removed.

-- Use the search engine before entering a dog that is not yours to ensure that the dog is not already in the system. Often, if the dog is a popular sire or a foundation female they will already be in the database. Likewise, when entering a dog that is yours, if you are a well known show exhibitor and the dog has progeny out there, please check before entering your dog to make sure someone else has not already uploaded them.

-- When entering a dog PLEASE enter their kennel club registration number and club abbreviation. Not only is this a rule site wide for every breed, it only takes a few extra seconds, and helps us to make sure there are no duplicates in the system due to translation errors. If you do NOT enter the club abbreviation and registration number you will eventually have the dog marked with "NEEDS BREED BOOK & REG NUMBER". This is an eye sore for all those viewing pedigrees, but the only way sans deleting the dog to remind you.

-- If a dog in your pedigree is ALREADY in the database and you are not able to link the dog to your pedigree, DO NOT create a new file for that dog. Simply request editing rights for that dog or message me with the details and I will connect the pedigrees.

-- When entering a dog please do not capitalize every letter of the Registered Name as it makes things harder to read.

-- When entering titles for your dog, please be thorough. If a dog is a Champion please list what club they earned their Championship under, and if multiple list each one. This website hosts pedigrees worldwide and simply writing " CH " seldom helps. Even within the USA Champions can be with clubs other than the AKC, and Europe is vast.

-- When entering information off of export pedigrees, please be careful and do not put titles in the registered name (please put them in the titles box) and do not add to the name the country code that sometimes follows the name. These incidental additions often lead to duplicates entering the system.

-- If at all possible, please add a photo of your dog to its file to preserve valuable phenotype information for future generations. Being able to see what each dog in a given pedigree looked like helps breeders make decisions in choosing mates for their dogs.

If there are any other questions or any assistance needed you are free to message me or other site admins.



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