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by Kalibeck on 09 February 2016 - 00:02

It seems Nick that you have done a few other owners a great service by contacting the disgruntled breeder!

I have bred just 1 litter, & tried to make sure that my puppies went to their new homes with as much information as possible, & offered my contact info for any further questions or difficulties. I also offered to take any puppy back at any time in its life...Anyone who was interested in my pups was flooded with info...I wanted to make sure my puppy people would be happy, so my puppies would be happy. It worked. Every single pup is still in its home, owners love them, they will be 8 years old this year. Even the pup I lost track of is still in his house, with his folks! Despite everything given them, only a couple owners actually registered their pups. I was disappointed by that, but that was their decision.
I think shady breeders & flippers must count on that, & when you have to wait months for imported dogs to have their registration transferred from Germany or Belgium or wherever, I guess they figure you'll just fade away...
Personally, in this age of technology, I think the whole system is backward. The paper (or computer) work should be done first, before the dog can change hands. For international sales, the dog should be DNAd prior to registration in its birth country, & then DNAd on arrival to its new country; & not released to new owners until results are processed. Then the registration should be processed at that time. While this might seem complex, considering the amount of money exchanged, & the welfare & integrity of our breed & many others, it should be feasible. Ship dogs on a specific day per destination, so a breed warden or AKC rep ( not that they care overmuch) can greet the arrivals, or a vet, a small kennel setup-it might also prevent the spread of disease as well.. & prevent the sale of dying or gravely ill animals.
I am seldom in favor of more regulation, but perhaps it is time. I'm sure the more knowledgeable persons here could find a way to fine tune it, or show it unnecessary.
Jmho, jackie harris

by jeannie23 on 09 May 2016 - 02:05

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by kitkat3478 on 09 May 2016 - 23:05

There seems to be alot of shady breeders these days. I can't understand how some of these breeders/brokers get the amount of money they do for some of these dogs.....really shows how gullable people are huh.....
I myself sometimes slack on my paperwork for no other reason than that I'm a slacker,lol
I prefer to not even sell my pups with AKC papers. I have found too many people who get a dog, think that the AKC registration means they can later on to breed their dog. And no, I don't people should not have the right to breed their own dogs, but I do think they owe it to the dogs, to do it the right way, with the right dogs. And there are many more that won't, than that will.
How can you be a breeder of German Shepherds and not have a clue about the dogs in the pedigree?
There is so much misinformation about dogs on the numerous websites, facebook pages, etc.,
I bought one dog from Canada, he was registered to the breeder. IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO REGISTER HIM TO ME WITH THE AKC!!! So if AKC told someone differently, they told them wrong.
I bought a dog with SV pink papers, registered to the breeder, again, IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY, to go thru the SV and AKC to register to myself.
As far as I am concerned, there are too many people only caring about the money. AKC on top of the list. Having AKC papers on a dog means nothing..if you do not know the breeder. Even fraud brought to their attention is disreguarded. I have seen dogs given AKC papers transferred from the ACA (american canine association)?????the only information recorded is the supposed breed and the dogs name. FOR REAL
You did good nick.....it's the squeeky wheel that gets oiled!


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