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by DenWolf on 16 January 2016 - 01:01

I think you have enough to go with.

Susie has an excellent point, contact the Johnson kennel, and see what they have to say about the dam line.

If they bred either, they will have a record of everything, including the AKC numbers.



DNA and all of the excuses would pertain to the SIRE line, which could be true if the SIRE is an import.

I will look up some of those dogs..  maybe Susie can too..   how long has it been since your pup was whelped??




by DenWolf on 16 January 2016 - 01:01

Looks like your pup's SIRE line is imported from a foreign country that uses a registry prefix of COR.


With some foreign registries, obtaining AKC papers can be very complicated and difficult, and might involve the importer to hire a translator for the pedigree, or possibly the dog was an import from a registry not recognized by AKC.


Call them next week, ask for the dept of foreign registration, or look up the requirements on their website.

At least you will have your answer as to WHY the sire of you puppy has not been registered with AKC after almost 2 years.

There are also 2 littermates listed in this database, older pictures, pretty dogs too.

Either way, if you paid for registration papers, and it was agreed upon, and they cannot be provided, I'd say you are entitled to compensation.

Most of these people figure out what happened, and then just hope the end user will "go away".





more rules...  it can get very complicated.

by Living Fence on 16 January 2016 - 01:01


Sire: "Eldorado" is a Romanian kennel. His parents: "Vac Vagvölgyi" is a Hungarian kennel. "Team Danira" I believe is Romanian as well.
They have many dogs, produce many puppies.....

Dam: I checked and the only "Dutchess von Johnson" I could find AKC registered was born in 1980. I could not find registration info for the maternal granddam either.

I added the registry info that I could find.

LF (Pedigree Researcher)


by nick3981 on 16 January 2016 - 01:01

I just talked with Von Johnson kennels and they have never owned a dog listed on the pedigree.

My dog was whelped on July 17th 2015

I appreciate everyones help, I will contact the AKC on Monday and give everyone some feedback

by Living Fence on 16 January 2016 - 02:01

Denwulf, COR is the registry abbreviation for the kennel club of Romania. "Eldorado" is a Romanian kennel.


by susie on 16 January 2016 - 11:01

I really tried to track down 1. to 3. generation - it´s a mess, but there seems to be a strong connection between von Wyzal and von Zhang.

Both promote Vac Lerry for stud, ( grandfather of your pup ), and Zhang owned Raisa ( grandmother ), too.
In case out of this breeding resulted Zeus de Eldorado, they either imported a whole bunch of dogs during the same time from the same East European breeder or the "Eldorado" kennel name is wrong.

On PDP most of the dogs in your pup´s pedigree are created, owned, photographed, and/or promoted either by Wyzal or Zhang ( sometimes both).

Further on Vac Lerry was one year old when bred to Raisa, and Zeus was one year old when bred to Dutchess.

On the mother´s side of your pup´s pedigree Wyzal changed the name of the granddam Iris/Beckie from "of Greenland" into "von How".

It´s frustrating - breeding, selling, changing names... and on and on

In case you really want to know the truth about your pup you need to track down Wyzal, Zhang, How, and Johnson, further on you need to care about the mud of East European breeding practises.

Might be an eye opener about human ethics - but never forget, it´s not your dog´s fault, your pup may become the best dog of the world for you.

Good luck

by stoelzle on 16 January 2016 - 11:01

I am so glad that you love your dog and are happy with him. I have checked out the Wyzal ads in search of a dog to ad to my kennel and just didn't get the right vibe. So, I personally thank you for revealing what might be helpful to others!

First, I had a recent experience over another matter with the legal tender of emails. Years ago, past judge had held up emails. Recently, new judge didn't acknowledge them at all or the precedence set by first judge.

I agree, your dog is not a mutt but an unregistered German shepherd that you love. If Wyzal has refused to respond,i n my opinion he has shown himself to be a creep. I'm certain you must have paid a considerable price. That and his lack of integrity are making you angry. However, small claims court 'might 'get you a judgement but not your money. Two or three hundred dollars in my mind is not worth what you will go through emotionally and time wise and the breeder knows it.

Having recently had the small claims experience, I would say, just let it go. He is still the dog you purchased and love and it is only in your mind that the papers make a difference. It is up to you to change your mind about the value of your dog. Unless you are breeding, it truly matters not. You and others may not get this analogy but.....where the heck do you think your permanent high school records are??? in the sky. perhaps. I say give it up, don't talk about it You have let enough of us know of your experience about this kennel. My intuition and several conversations with him said 'stay away'. so, you have done your part posting here. I DON'T KEEP AKC KC PAPERS FRAMED AND POSTED. JUST CONTINUE TO LOVE YOUR DOG THE WAY IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU DO~There may not be justice in the justice center but trust me, this is a just world and Wyzal, if he has been dishonest will eventually pay the price. I understand, nobody likes to be scammed. Just love and enjoy your dog and my opinion is don't give the breeder more energy by thinking about it. If he is a purebred German shepherd, then he is a purebred German Shepherd. Lots of good wishes to you and congrats for loyalty to your dog.

by susie on 16 January 2016 - 13:01


This might be interesting...

Romania : De Eldorado

USA : von Zhang

Hungary : Vac Vagvölgyi

USA : von Wyzal either partners with von Zhang or buys from them


The "of Greenland" and "von How" dogs on this board are created by Wyzal, too. I wasn´t able to find a breeder.

Q Man

by Q Man on 16 January 2016 - 16:01

A question you need to answer is What did you purchase your dog for? There's only a few reasons you need a registration...1) To breed your dog 2) To show your dog...in either Conformation Shows and/or Dog Trials/Events...

So you may not need a registration for anything...although I think we'd all agree that you should get what you paid for...The problem is...is it worth the cost and time you'll spend to get very little in return...

Be sure to do all your homework and collect all pertinent information to your case...Such as print out all communication (e-mails...texts...voice mails)...I'd also be sure to write down when you've called them and either talked to them and what they said and also the dates when you've called them and/or e-mailed or texted with NO Response...This will show that you've tried to resolve the problem before bringing it to the court...

I see in your statement about what you were supposed to get with your dog...It said that you were able to register your dog...It didn't say AKC...there are other registrations available...I know in the U.S. most people think of AKC but you can actually register your dog with other registrations...


by joanro on 16 January 2016 - 16:01

Stoelzel is correct. Your dog's value is more than money, at least he should be. Papers don't add value, unless he was to be bred. And if you had limited reg it would be no different than what you u have now.
Enjoy him.

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