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 BREEDERS BEWARE!!!Zeliaskye2090683.2 years ago by Reliya >> (goto)
 this is what it called horrible breeder - pages | 2| Mina Andrawes33332143.2 years ago by Stroch2016 >> (goto)
 Attention to Dogs' breeders or Doberman lovers - pages | 2| Zar Chi15320113.3 years ago by Zar Chi >> (goto)
 Pendragon Acres US K9Jafo4614964983.3 years ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 Ivon Yankov is a thief - pages | 2| 3| 4| vomhausdurandkennels29354313.3 years ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
 Fraud Alert,Alexander Dimitrove, BulgariaSgp804593.4 years ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
 Fraud USA FinestK9.comBlackMalinois661623.5 years ago by cherjam81 >> (goto)
 Trainer that breeds your dog without your permission - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| Sassyspurs36713423.6 years ago by Jenni78 >> (goto)
 David Cavaez Texas EDITED BY ADMIN David stepped up and resolved this issue. - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| LovesGSD00764048483.6 years ago by K9 Enthusiast >> (goto)
 alexander dimitrov from bulgaria is a crook - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| gsd forever47375493.6 years ago by gsd forever >> (goto)
 WYZAL.COMDeutschlandGrund21vonng521313.6 years ago by DeutschlandGrund21vonng >> (goto)
 Luis Vega and Boondocks K9 fake SAR groupRiven1080023.6 years ago by Riven >> (goto)
 Griffin Shepherd Kennels now in Clover, South Carolinahexe810733.6 years ago by Baerenfangs Erbe >> (goto)
 Shelby Anderson ripped me off and has both my dog BEWARE!! - pages | 2| roblew113325193.8 years ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Robert Williams/Emmanuel Nuako SCAMMER WARNINGSharon9624551813.8 years ago by Sharon9624 >> (goto)
 MARTIN SOKOLOVIC IS A SCAMMER - BEWARE OF HIMRinagreyling1114463.9 years ago by Rinagreyling >> (goto)
 TRACEY REID, REIKENHAUS GSD, CANADA SELLING PUPS IN UTERO ( **MATTER RESOLVED**) - pages | 2| criselhausGSD25378193.9 years ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Experience with John Olsick from Strongstown, PA?GSDSouthFlorida620353.9 years ago by Koots >> (goto)
 Griffin Shepherd Kennels aka Augusto DeOliveira aka GSK is now...The Ultimate German Shepherdhexe1606164 years ago by hexe >> (goto)
 Von Wyzal - pages | 2| 3| alwazalady31262214 years ago by seeraaubertaal >> (goto)


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