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 ¿Dónde puedo ver todos los registros que ingresé?VaroC8144 hours ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 WHY DID PEDIGREE DATABASE LOSE ITS POPULARITY ? - pages | 2| 3| Anu16352612 hours ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Champi boy is coming along so nicely - pages | 2| Baerenfangs Erbe49541515 hours ago by Baerenfangs Erbe >> (goto)
 18 monthsyogidog199315 hours ago by yogidog >> (goto)
 Ground transportation - pages | 2| jettasmom18241131 hours ago by PracovniBohemia >> (goto)
 Pedigree help/bloodline infoBrokane445241 hours ago by emoryg >> (goto)
 Why was my dog deleted?Fantom76139854 days ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 IPO Commands in Serbian?CompleteCanine132135 days ago by ThatWasClose >> (goto)
 Corona Virus Impact Upon Shipping? - pages | 2| ThatWasClose2399115 days ago by GK1 >> (goto)
 consanguinitytxarkoeta95036 days ago by txarkoeta >> (goto)
 Quick question about registering a foreign dog with AKCPirschgang102527 days ago by Q Man >> (goto)
 Traumhof German Shepherd Dogs - over a decade laterAcheron159868 days ago by DuganVomEichenluft >> (goto)
 Pedigreetxarkoeta174378 days ago by Nans gsd >> (goto)
 Wolf Mask GSD Littlest Hobo Lookalike - pages | 2| 3| wolfgsdlover7280309 days ago by jamesduckett2 >> (goto)
 PDF pedigreebadeend91177059 days ago by badeend91 >> (goto)
 WUSV-WM 2017 Winner Debby vom Eisernen Kreuzhexe162239 days ago by hexe >> (goto)
 ADMIN WARNINGFantom761385111 days ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Calling all pedigree experts - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| Smokin Joe123125311 days ago by emoryg >> (goto)
 Non DDR bloodline that breed the DDR structure or similar - pages | 2| 3| 4| xPyrotechnic55483611 days ago by emoryg >> (goto)


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