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by ThatWasClose on 11 October 2020 - 00:10



Wow, that is a lot of brands/labels at all at once.  But then very few places actually make dog or cat food.  Same factories produce for lots of different brands/labels.


Afflotoxin is a huge concern amongst we horse people.  If anyone ever gets a horse & thinks they can save a couple of dollars by feeding deer corn, DON'T DO IT.  Deer corn is rather prone to being afflotoxin laden, but for whatever reason deer seem tobe able to tolerate it better.  The mills flog off their bad corn by selling it to deer hunters.

by jillmissal on 11 October 2020 - 20:10

Here is a more reputable source; all of these dog foods are from one company selling under several labels. https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/outbreaks-and-advisories/fda-alert-certain-lots-pet-food-multiple-brands-recalled-aflatoxin

I've never heard of any of these brands, myself.

by ThatWasClose on 11 October 2020 - 22:10

Wow, good to learn the Dog Food Advisor website is not a reputable website. Thank you for informing us all.


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