German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: TOP breeding czech titled female for sale!!! (id: 301468)

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German Shepherd Dog - Stud Dog

TOP breeding czech titled female for sale!!!

Sent by Martinaa96

Czech Republic   CZ ←→ Posted from Czech Republic

Updated: Mar 26, 2024 01:30 AM (inserted 3 months ago) -> 3822

Astoria is a beautiful female known from competetions, she is also a perfect breeding female, FCI pedigree. She is always happy, very active, lively, full of temperamnt, very high food and ball drive, she loves to work!!! She is able to work with anyone, she has no problem with a stranger. A stranger can take her from the box and can drectly work and play with her. Changes make her no problem. She is also very playful and loves to cuddle, she loves people and children. Last year on the Czech GSD Championship she had one of the bests obediences of the whole championship and was very praised from the judge MVDr. Jana Glisnikova. I want to continue in my breeding program and i want to keep some puppies and it's very hard for me to pur her on sale, she is a very special female. So choosing a loving home for her is very important for me. If i don't find a good home for her, i will keep her

She has an excellent pedigree, very good breeding material. All teeth OK. Both parents are excellent working dogs, intense nose on trackings, willingness to obedience, hard and strong bitework like Astoria.

She is titled with BH - 58 points (max. 60), IGP 1 - 99 91, 96 = 286 (Vorzüglich/Excellent) , IGP 2 - 98,99,95 = 292 (Vorzüglich/Excellent), IGP 3 - 98,94,97 = 289 (Vorzüglich/Excellent), show rating: Vorzüglich - V , Excellent, 1. breeding class 5JU1/P, HD/ED normal, DM N/N (clear), height: 59cm, weight: 32kg.


Astoria °° COMPETETIONS °°

ČKS CACT Regional Competetion 2020 IGP1 -
ČKS Regional Competetion 2022 IGP3 -
International Championship MM ČKNO 2023 IGP3 -
ČKS CACT 55. Regional Competetion 2023 IGP3 - and gained the title CACT
ČKS Qualification Competetion 2023 for FCI IGP3 Championship Czech Republic 2024 -


Father: Red-Bull ze Střbrného kamene an awesome dog which competed on Wolrd Championship GSD WUSV. 

WUSV 2021 participant (Lerma, Spain)
Czech GSD Championship 2021 - Czech Vicemaster (96, 93, 96)285 pts, 2nd place
WUSV-US 2018 (Diest) - 4th place
Czech GSD Youth Championship 2017- 1st place, Junior Champion


Mother: Jutta od Hradčanského rybníka is my competetion and breeding female and gained the title

National Working Dog Champion of Czech Republic!!

Czech GSD Championship 2019 -
ČKS CACT Regional Competetion 2019 -
CACIT Czech Republic 2020 -
Czech GSD Championship 2020 -
Czech GSD Championship 2021 -
ČKS CACIT 2021 -
ČKS CACT Regional Competetion 2021 -
ČKS CACT Regional Competetion 2022 -


Contact: WhatsApp: +420723036782





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TOP breeding czech titled female for sale!!!


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