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Import Female Puppies Titled Parents $1200
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Top Son of SG5 VA5(CH) Gordon du Clos de Patmisand
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BH IPO1 Import - Ober Von Bad-Boll IN HEAT SOON
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Belgian MalinoisElta van JoefarmVery sad to see how this bitch ended up ! ....5 months ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 Veneze Raul Congrats on V13 placing, 2017 @ Ulm. ....8 months ago
German Shepherd DogBurnaway Vorax of Ottersmead CDX UDX WDX TDXHe served as a Police Dog (UK, West Sussex constabulary IIRC), in addition to being one of the Working Trials 'greats'; a son Nico also worked as an operational Police canine. ....9 months ago
German Shepherd DogV Vello zu den Sieben-Faulen SCHH3, FHYou could add "being implicated in the emergence of Elbow Dysplasia" to this mix, also ! On the Plus side, Vello was reputedly highly trainable, and a lot of good 'working' dogs in Germany and elsewhere owe their existence to him. ....2.1 years ago
October 2013  According to her owner (see Forum) this bitch, now
disceased, was actually named Leah von Hellmer, and has no titles
and OFA mild HD.  The breeder seems to be pulling a 'fast one' so
buyer beware if its in any pedigrees you are looking at ! ....
4.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Parhileon vom Ice mit Kotikaana UK BREED SURVEY CLASS 1He's very nice.  Congrats on 2nd Limit @ Blackpool. ....4.8 years ago

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