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by ThatWasClose on 19 October 2020 - 22:10

Diamondgal, you are totally correct, I called the colour by the incorrect name.

by Diamondgal on 20 October 2020 - 01:10


It can be a bit crazy between the breeds. I mean in the Flat-Coted Retriever, the liver looks like yellowish in the Golden Retriever.


by Hundmutter on 20 October 2020 - 02:10

@TWC: I cannot see the UK KC rejecting any dog / refusing to register it as an import, provided it has been registered in its own country (eg by AKC). Cannot speak for practice in other Euro nations.

Don't think they would make anything of the fact it was 'dual sired', though obviously in listing it they would be guided by any DNA paternity result.
However it is possible that in the main records they would mark this imported dog with the above-mentioned asterisk,I would guess;  especially if no DNA test had resulted in a clear distinction as to which male was the sire.


by Hundmutter on 20 October 2020 - 03:10

Diamondgal - the two 'liver' Flatcoats I have had hands on looked subtly different from even the most 'golden' of Golden Retrievers. (Deeper, richer pigment - perhaps surprisingly.) I have no information without researching it as to whether the same gene / combination of genes is involved, but the difference 'in the flesh' would seem to be more noticeable than even the best of printing inks could convey in a book, which is where most readers will turn if they wish to follow up on your post. Not that a Liver-coated Flattie is likely to even get a mention, the predominant colour still being black.

by Diamondgal on 20 October 2020 - 16:10

Wait. I believe I've mixed up two breeds by mistake. The blonde.



by Hundmutter on 21 October 2020 - 03:10

Blonde Hovies are of course far more common than liver Flatcoats, being an 'accepted colour' for the breed from the get-go. I would suggest that the coat colour there is slightly different again, from either Goldens (although Hovavarts are often mistaken for such) or from Flatcoats. IME There is not the variation of shade found in the 'gold' Golden Retriever (setting aside the cream ones !); my reaction to the depth of liver colour in the Flatcoated Retriever (which interestingly springs from the same ancestry as the GR) is that blonde Hovies are a little different from them too. Again, the colour genetics might be interesting - but not sure if the work done on colour genes has considered such rarities as Hovavarts and non-black Flatcoats ?

by jillmissal on 21 October 2020 - 20:10

AKC is a for profit organization. whatever produces a profit, they are for. and lots of it.


This is untrue. 


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