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by kitkat3478 on 02 June 2020 - 15:06

hey hund, i m doing pretty good actually, how about you,
i do find you are absolutely correct in that there are people getting dogs that have no business getting a dog , that of which is a breed they actually know nothing about.their idea of what that dog should be like and actually is like are two entirely different things.
i won t sell a puppy to someone that picked them by their color coated collar at 3 days old.I try to place them accordingly. it becomes obvious when you raise your pups in your house with you, which pup is goingto be a handful and which will not. The fact is, some pups are just way to much for your average joe, And i have learned, with this breed, if you don t give these dogs something to do, they are going to find something to do, and it will also more likely then not, be something you not going to like. Them dogs end up living most of their lives in kennels and crates. I hear far too many describe their dogs as hyper. I say, no, they are German Shepherds they are active,
The ten thousand dollar question, how do you stop the pup from chasing and biting you and your kids, Training and tolerance, thats how. How can you go out to buy a German Shepherd pup and not know that is part of it. Just about every forum you go to where German Shepherds are discussed, that seems to be the number one question that is asked by new owners.
Many people i think run on the mis assumption that its best to get your pup at an older age, that its mother is doing all this teaching to the pups of how to act with people when the truth is, after around 5 weeks, the mother is spending aslittle time as possible with their puppies, these pups are now learning, or not, from the breeder. And if you nave pups that have been bred for the sole purpose of someonet o make a few extra dollars, that learning is very limited. often times they are isolated in a garage, basement or back yard enclosure. Or worse, stuck in a crate somewhere until sold,


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