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by ATARTHS on 17 March 2008 - 07:03

I agree with Videx suggestions. Simply because in a ring it is the bigger dog that catches the eye of ANY judge. Secondly it is too late now to enforce the correct height standard. And I say too late because a lot of oversized dogs have already won top placements and on the other hand are now vulnerable to judging discretion.I.e. a Vorzuglich rated dog that has Kkl 1 for life and signed by the vice president of the S.V. has been kicked out the arena because the judge(top S.V. judje,also judged in 2007 siegershow) thought she was too tall. All these because the opposition treated the judge with due "respect" the night before the show. So yes Videx is absolutely correct. If champion Ice had his Korung signed for life by the president of the S.V. he could be very well be likely to be thrown out by some other judge trying to enforce the correct height rule. And my question is: Do we give them judges mor weapons to do their dirty tricks? If they have a measure in their hands everytime they go judging is like they have the absolute authority to do as they please, and they would be throwing all Kkl certificates in the bin.

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