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by joanro on 21 July 2015 - 16:07

When looking at a pedigree, if I enlarge the picture for what ever reason, the column on the left side of the page enlarges too. It gets so big it even covers up the picture. Some pictures need enlarging to highlight certain details. Same thing happens when reading a post on the forum. Some print is too small to read, but the column on the left covers the post when enlarging.


by yogidog on 21 July 2015 - 16:07

Is there no agree button?. not mad about it at the moment .maybe not good for phones

GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 21 July 2015 - 16:07

I think in multiple places I have stated that the programming is a work in progress. The beta was available for months for the members to try and comment on. Unfortantely some didn't take advantage of that time to let us know what they thought. We will not please everyone no matter what the site design. So, again be patient and let the dust settle. Comments of this site looking like something out of the 90s is not all that constructive and will not help in the long run. The site is faster and better on mobile devices I bet that isn't out of the 90s. The last version was not built in a day or 2 and neither will this version be built in that time frame. The second version was built over years and not weeks or days. This version will come along. Like all previous versions before it.


by Sunsilver on 21 July 2015 - 16:07

[likes GSD's post] The like/dislike buttons will return in due time, as stated previously!

by Aed Ion on 24 July 2015 - 04:07

So I'm on my android tablet and I can't register a dog.

Finding the search for the forums is again difficult.
Features don't mean anything if the design is bad.

GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 24 July 2015 - 05:07

The search forum button is at the top of any forum page.

In this version you need to have a breed selected to see the register a dog link. The link to register a dog will appear in your tools which on a desktop will be in the right menu, on a mobile it will be at the bottom of the page. On a tablet I have no clue because I don't have one to test it.

There are no new features per se so not really getting the comment, this design looks similar to the original PDB. So, again not really getting the comment. I do see it as somewhat of a little dig. I have preached patience as the new site is developed. I have shown great patience in answering the many questions over and over and over. Seriously, I can do without the little digs if you would have read any of the numerous threads talking about these issues you probably would not even had to ask the questions you did.




by Bundishep on 24 July 2015 - 05:07

I rarely use this site with a smart phone but maybe thoses that do see it as better which for all I know it is or at least from a phone, but i have noticed the login in is at the very bottom when I,m using a laptop so I have to scoll down over everything just to get logged in,also I thought I saw my pm messages at bottom also, didn't all this used to all be at the very top ? Which is the perfect place for the log in.


by Dawulf on 24 July 2015 - 06:07

The site is much better on smartphones/tablets now.... but I do miss the old one on my computer. On the PC it just feels like I'm navigating a glorified Excel spreadsheet. Of course, that is mainly just from an aesthetic point of view. I kinda miss the blue.

by hexe on 24 July 2015 - 06:07

Personally, I like the clean, uncluttered appearance whether viewing it on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone--and it does load a LOT faster for me, up here in NE MI and living in a hobbit-hole where cell signals are fleeting at best...

Like everything else in the world, the changes will take a little getting used to but eventually we'll all be fluent in this new version.

by michael p on 24 July 2015 - 11:07


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