5 generation long pedigree for CH GB Karazoe Snow Whisper

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CH GB Karazoe Snow Whisper

KC H6596004J03

Eng. Ch. Crensa Silver Blaze

Eng. Ch. Grenadier of Crensa

Eng. Am. Can. Ch. Fairvilla Istvan of AirebisEng. Can. Ch. Demetrio of KobeKislo of Kobe
Sunnisnow's Ronda
Eng. Ch. Snowfern of CarwoodPeter of Newgate
Snow Jewel of Carwood
Venus of CrensaGarin of SnowlandGay Gem of Snowland
Snowland Fiona
Eng. Ch. White Countess of CrensaEng. Ch. Kim of Crownie
White Loveliness
Samovar Melody

Whitewisp Lunar ModuleWhitewisp Sleigh LadSleigh Leader of Kobe
Goldielocks of Schlesian
Whitewisp TanyaDemitrio of Kobe
Snowcryst Valmi of Crownie
Snowcryst Fair MadonnaEng. Ch. Fairvilla White PhantomEng. Ch. Lealsam Snowigleem
Silver Imp of Sworddale
Snowcryst CharmaineSnowcryst Sakel
Eng. Ch. Snowcryst Donna
Yamalo Zoey

Fairvilla Lucky Lad

Eng. Ch. Fairvilla EmperorGilroy of KobeSilver Gleam of Kobe
Lealsam Lorraine of Kobe
Fairvilla Sleigh ImpSleigh Leader of Kobe
Silver Imp of Sworddale
Fairvilla TheodoraFairvilla TsaravitchEng. Ch. Fairvilla Emperor
Fairvilla Prima Donna
Fairvilla TroikaEng. Ch. Fairvilla Emperor
Eng. Ch. Fairvilla Michelle
Samont Bambina

Samont ThibeaudEng. Ch. Fairvilla EmperorGilroy of Kobe
Fairvilla Sleigh Imp
Fairvilla VeronicaFairvilla Fidux
Eng. Am. Ch. Fairvilla White Imp
SAMONT MISSY MISSYAndrejev BrenewenEng. Am. Can. Ch. Fairvilla Istvan of Airebis
Zomer of St. Nicholascrypt
FAIRVILLA KATARINAEng. Ch. Fairvilla Fairfax
Eng. Ch. Fairvilla Snowbella

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