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by D.H. on 13 March 2008 - 21:03

SchHbabe, other than Diane's comments, nothing in this post has been about how natural it is for an older male's fertility to drop. Claims have been made about fraud. And left out there as fact, tough facts are still missing.
Of course an older males fertility is not going to the same as that of a 3 or 4 year old. Many top studs had hit and miss breedings when they reached an advanced age. Asko had about a 50% success rate in his final years. We had a female bred to him twice, first time hit, second time miss, and that was not only our experience. And that is only normal for males that age. Many dogs are not even producing any more at all at the age Olex was when he came to the US. Which was not 3+ years ago BTW. Fertility in males fluctuates at any age. And it always takes two to tango. More than two actually, because it needs full cooperation of the owner to put the finishing touches on a successful mating.
I am not getting my hackles up, but I do object to dragging yet another fine dogs legacy through the mud without any facts. And I do object to someone making a statement of fraud and still not putting any proof forward. Now tell me Yvette, what is wrong with objecting to that?

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