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by Fran on 10 September 2003 - 03:09

Carol, Are you saying that the helpers at this show were harder than at other shows during the year? Is this intentional for the Sieger show? It is very shamefully to hear about the exhibitors leaving dogs unattended in cars. Do not the German use dog trailers with very good ventilation and leaving out side doors open for fresh air for the dogs? Could it be at these big stadiums for this kind of show, with the parking far away it are not good for the dogs as it is not easy to check on the dog’s welfare. Hoping to get to Karlsruhe next year. Fran

by 1doggie2 on 10 September 2003 - 04:09

I love hearing the gossip, keep it coming! it breaks my heart to hear about the dogs in the hot cars and one giving birth, it is hard to wrap my mind around. I think there should have been a ring to send the owners to and the helpers could have tested thier mettle.

by Kerry on 10 September 2003 - 16:09

Me too, 1Doggie2! Some of the behind the scenes stories are pretty interesting. I'm still hoping to hear more from Janis about Kevin losing a place because the owner was doing something with a tennis ball and the crowed booed him.

by Kaydee on 10 September 2003 - 16:09

wow, been following the dialogue and think at this rate I might move to Karlsruhe next week and wait:) Really sad about the dogs in the cars and the whelping bitch. Does anyone know why Quentin Karanberg was withdrawn, I just love the dog! Good for Enzo's Nero Nobachtal getting a VA5 first time out and so young, he was sg1 last year I think, in the junghund. Think he'll make seiger if he gets a good progeny group.

by Kougar on 10 September 2003 - 17:09

Thank you VERY MUCH Martin!!!!! I am very happy to read such a good report that is so objective and fair! Even if I find a few comments very ironic - it is still nice to see comments that are unbiased and truthful. I am glad that the working portion of the tests is being taken more seriously. I have an acquaintance with a Bax L. son that I watched doing some training with earlier this summer, and he was a very promising young dog. It is very sad to hear of dogs dying in hot cars at a place where you like to believe the people are knowledgable - and the puppies? Wow - hope they were all OK!!!

by Andrew on 10 September 2003 - 22:09

The helper work was firm but fair. The judge was a bit lenient with some of the outs, loose grips, dirty bites after the out, missed bites on first attempts(some the fault of the dogs, and some the fault of the helpers pulling away early trying for flashy propeller catches)*Some of these drew boos and whistles from the crowd. I paid most attention to the Dogs (very difficult to watch both rings at once) One thing I found disappointing was what seemed like an extremely large number of females who failed the courage test BADLY! I believe some of it was due to lack of training and rushed titles, and some weak character. Here is a list of the Dogs who I felt did the most impressive protection work, not in any particular order: * Exceptional ** GREAT - Fobian von der Kahler Heide - *Zamp vom steilen Ufer - *Kevin von Murrtal - *Hero vom Spitalfeld - *Quantum Arminius (Beautiful Dog & Progeny.RED...RED) - Karo van de Herdersfarm - Dux vom Steienberger - *Orbit von Tronje (Great balance) - *VA1 Bax von der LuisenstaBe (The MOST controlled and self assured, WOW...incredible) - Hill von Farbenspiel - *Larus von Batu (Best looking dog there, with a decent progeny group next year, a lock for Sieger. - **Dux della Valcuvia (The HARDEST hitting VA,I Saw MANY excellent progeny in the puppy classes, My opinion should absolutely have been placed higher than VA8. - Leif von Spitalfeld - *Ando vom Altenberger Land (Many progeny w/East West Hocks, Only my opinion! Beautiful Dog, MANY redeeming qualities, placed higher than should have) - **Erasmus van Noort...GREAT Protection Work, a close second to Dux ! - Doug van Noort - *Putz des Bergers de las Taillette - *Puck von der Urbecke - **Adonis vom Morfelder (Hard Hitting Sable) - *Corax vom Rosier Clan I apologize in advance if missed any other great ones, I had a couple rest room stops along the way.

by Jman on 10 September 2003 - 22:09

Andrew--Thanks for your opinion. I'm a sucker for Larus! Really hoping for his VA1 next year.

by solo on 29 July 2004 - 19:07

Hello everyone take a look at this web-site page, for IMPRESSIONS OF THE 2003 SIEGER SHOW

by freundhund on 30 July 2004 - 07:07

Thanks Solo I enjoyed reading your impressions from last year. With the Siegerschau coming up could I again ask those of you that attend this year to give us your personnel opinions. Everyone has different opinions of dogs they like and dislike, if you disagree with a judges placement explain what you liked and disliked about the particular dog. This helps all of us to understand better the placements of the dogs. Looking forward to the same standard of fantastic coverage we got from list members last year again this year. Again thank you to all those last year that kept us informed. Regards Freundhund


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