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by GSDNewbie on 25 August 2004 - 06:08

I know I am new and may or may not have an insight to this question. I agree and disagree on puppy pics being posted, as I for one have found some of them helpfull. I have searched out puppy pictures of well bred dogs as I am trying to learn what to and not to look for in them before I pick out my own puppy! Now of course puppies in people's arms and laying on blankets are of no use but I see a great value in valid stacked puppy pictures to help with this. I have been as desperate as to look at the for sale pictures but in doing so keeping in mind these are pups they themselves are selling therefore are not desirable to keep even though still good. Have I lost you all on that reasoning? I will be making my choice of the litter I am buying from soon and frankly I am scared to death! I was with a different breed for many years and could tell you good and bad points and what is the best in them where as I have not yet developed the eye and knowlege for GSDs yet. I am here every night trying to learn as much as possible to become a responsible and successfull owner with what I consider a lifes dream that is finally attainable for me. However I fully agree the pics of laboring females and the such have NO place on this site. I also conceed that the pups do not belong on the pedigree pages that is why I study the progeny pics.

by gsddebby on 25 August 2004 - 06:08

Just letting you all know that you CAN put pictures in a gallery for your dog NOW! If I remember correctly... lol All you have to do is click on the pedigree gallery on the left side of the page and follow the instructions. I have puppy pictures up and I agree that it is nice to see the color bone and general conformation. I for one WILL be updating as they get older. The puppy pictures will then go into the gallery. As far as the POOP pictures....lol....I am falling out of my chair laughing!!! Toooo Funnny! Debby


by Brian on 25 August 2004 - 16:08

Funkman, I know that guy that owns the pic of the puppy pooping and it is there just to be funny. The guy has a pretty funny sense of humor and it just made him laugh. It wasn't intended to be a shot saying look how great my puppy is. Just thought I'd let you guys know that.


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