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by Mindhunt on 16 July 2020 - 20:07

Going to put my two cents in here.  There are many reasons for a dog to be aggressive:

Hypoxic injury from getting a collar caught and having oxygen cut off or from a too zealous trainer hanging the dog to get them to submit, or some other accident.

Seizures, focal seizures are very hard to detect for the layperson, unless you know what you are looking for, they can mimic a dog just staring into space, or ignoring you for a bit, the post-ictal phase when the brain tries to reset is when a dog can often bite without warning.

Lesions or tumors on the brain can go undetected for a while and then grow causing aggression.

Closed head injuries from a wrong strike of a baton in just the right spot, running into something during hard play, falling, any reason, and can cause aggression.

Poor genetics, a dog just has the poor genetics that lends to a bite happy dog and if the training does not take the dog's specific needs into consideration, it can exacerbate the issue.

Pain from an injury, arthritis, or any other physical infirmity can cause aggression.

At this point, I would suggest a comprehensive exam including neurological to rule out any physical reasons.

As for those "security companies" that were mentioned, yes they take aggressive bitey dogs because those dogs are tools to use, and are often treated as such, a tool.  These dogs do not have a good life, yes there are exceptions but the general rule is those dogs are a tool.  My trainer friends have had enough dealings with these types of companies and prefer to steer dogs away from them.

by Nans gsd on 16 July 2020 - 21:07

My friend had a dog that this happened to and he ended up having a brain tumor...

by jettasmom on 16 July 2020 - 21:07

GK1 yes my dog was tested for allergies 400.00 yes tried different meds nothing helped last resort he had biopsy’s 500.00 diagnosis made no allergies. You spew 10, 20, 30.000 I spent is a lie. Next time you open your mouth get the facts instead of assuming and then lie. You just showed the kind of person you are so I’m done wasting my time on someone like you. Now learn how to stay on topic or just go back to hole you crawled out of.

by Nans gsd on 16 July 2020 - 21:07

Besides the fact that this is a huge liability for the OP for life; not just once you try to rehome the dog; FOR THE LIFE OF THE DOG. I agree with HD, check with your family attorney prior to placing this animal or rehoming this dog.


by GK1 on 16 July 2020 - 21:07

So I was right jettasmom that was you with the sick dog, unknown condition, baffled veterinarians. Somewhat similar situation to the op's baffling behavior related situation, seeking a possible solution other than death, because the dog's "not fixable", right?

Doesn't matter one iota how much you spent, or didn't spend, or what any of the viewers think you spent.  Your dog, your $$.

What matters is I pulled your hypocritical punk card. lol punked.


by jettasmom on 16 July 2020 - 22:07

Omg you need a life and seriously need help. You lied and got caught now need to justify. If you have an issue with me contact me but I know that won’t happen you are the type to hide behind a screen. I hope the mods realize your not all there in the head and deal with your craziness.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 16 July 2020 - 23:07

all right ease up you two no need for this on what is supposed to be a friendly helpful forum.  You know the old rule,  nothing nice to say then say nothing.


by TIG on 17 July 2020 - 00:07

OP, If u r still reading a few thoughts to consider.

If trying to place a problem dog, they MUST be placed with complete full disclosure-no little white lies, no shading to make it sound not so bad. Write it down so you make sure you have included everything. Then ask yourself - if I am unwilling to live with this problem why would anyone else? Normal people don't want a project or a problem they want a pet. They can easily get a good friendly dog from a variety of places including rescues and shelters. So why would they want yours??

Keep asking yourself that. Here are some of the types of people who will gladly take your dog off your hands while lying to your face about what a good home he will have. Dog fighting rings - they use free dogs as bait, as "training" tools. Helluva ending for a dog once loved. Dog broker - they collect "excess" dogs to sell. They sell to labs 4 research, dog fighting rings esp if big powerful dog, puppy mills that routinely fake papers or register with the likes of Continental KC, the meat market ( yes there are such places in the US . Many ethnicities do not share r commitment to companion animals and in some cultures dog is considered a delicacy) etc etc

And let me tell you they r very good at scamming folks into thinking it's going to a loving home. If you do place ur dog , deliver it to them do not let them pick it up at your property and when delivering keep your eyes & ears open & question everything you see. You just might save him a horrible horrible ending.

If deciding to place, next ask yourself these questions.  Again why would someone want him? When he bites again (& he will he has shown that) am I willing to be responsible for the damage he will do to another human or animal AND the breed. How will I feel when I read the headline GSD bites child in face and rips off nose or GSD bites 75 yr old lady ripping her arm to pieces and breaking her hip...

Finally consider the reality of a placement. You got tired of dealing with the problem and gave up and you had the best of him -puppyhood etc. Guess what the next owner will also give up and a whole lot sooner & with a whole lot less commitment to finding a "proper" placement . This type of problem dog gets passed on until one of three things happen. He is taken out back & shot, the door is opened and out he goes to either be hit by a car or end up in the shelter to be put down(often in a cruel manner).

Have you notified the breeder? A good one, I believe would say this to you and offer their help. If you once loved this dog (& it sounds like u did) have the courage & love to do what is right for him, for society & for the breed. Be with him while he is ethically & kindly pts. If he is not safe 4 the vet staff, they can give u a loaded meatball so he will snooze & then can be safely handled.

It will be one of the toughest things u have ever done but give him the kindness of a pain free death while he's with those that he loved.

by tuffscuffleK9 on 17 July 2020 - 01:07

Whew! After all that I’m not sure there many real solutions added. Except by Tigs previous statements.  Here’s a couple with a problem and seeking answers. I just want to give them a situation, an example, of what i personally know. I was called into a behavior situation some yrs back where a Weimaraner was biting everybody except the husband of the family. I walked into a snarling slobbering mess of a dog. After coming up with a plan to try and rehabilitate the dog, I stood to leave and got nailed on the leg, requiring stitches. Of course I didn’t suit and tried over a couple of months to rehab dog. Long story short .... the owner rehomed the dog to a couple who lived in a Very rural setting against my advice. As I had suggested he be put down due to being a vicious dog. Two months later the dog mauled a 7 yr old boy who was their grandson. Let me tell you that all who had ever worked with or owned the dog was sued. Including me. Thank goodness I had written a letter of my opinion concerning this dog and given it to the owners. I was dismissed from the suit but I image the sum of the settlement was quite large. IMHO the dog should be put down because all whoever touched the dog, regardless of any waivers will be in the crosshairs of a suit. Just my thoughts.

by GSCat on 17 July 2020 - 02:07

+1 on trying to rehome instead of the big needle.

+1 on the comprehensive medical and dental exam. Maybe something that can be fixed or controlled. Or, there could be a condition(s) that are/could be terminal or otherwise unresolvable.

+1 on seeing an attorney. However, you need to see an attorney that specializes in animal liability/litigation. Maybe some kind of a hold-harmless document, bond, and/or? Family/general attorneys aren't always the best choice for specialized situations.

Have you contacted the breeder to see if he/she can/will take the dog or help you rehome?

Have you contacted the local GSD/sport/working club?

I agree with your assessment that you cannot keep this dog in the current situation. For the time being, the dog needs to be on a bite-proof leash or crated unless inside your house and cannot get at anyone else. Since this could be a medical issue, watch closely and do not fully trust the dog with yourself, either. A good muzzle that is easy to breathe in could be a good safety precaution until rehomed or pts  The big wire training ones that military/police dogs wear to prevent trainer bites during off-leash training come to mind, but maybe something else. You'll probably have to get it online unless you have a police K9 supply place nearby. The attorney and/or vet might have other instructions and/or suggestions...

Not legal or veterinary advice.



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