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by Centurian on 17 January 2018 - 18:01

Yogi true You know how much in my posts I comment on teaching a dog and conditioning in preference to saying 'training'. ..

For readers .... I referenced 'genetic ' , as did Valk . And also I referenced ' mentality ' . I could have written in depth , volumes about those two subjects. But try always to keep common sense in mind when we try to understand our dogs and our children . First Yogi points out with dogs [ and children ] there are rules and boundaries . Abiding by rules brings peace , harmony and good things . Breaking rules brings consequences. This is within normalcy . Children and even a dog, grasps this .

However , think about the situation this way .... what do you think of a dog that bites , from wherever this originates [ except it be beaten or abused and so forth ] the hand that feeds it ? Does anyone think for one moment , that this is normal . Do you think any dog in it's right mind [ genetics ] does not know to value the one that feeds it ? Do you really think a dog that transfers it's desire to bite to a human , ' the hand that feeds it , irregardless if it wants a prey bite , is normal ?

Now ask yourself , if you believe now this is not a normal dog , but an abnormal dog ,do you really think you are going to change this dog ? >>> Hmmm some say channel the bite , greeeeeeeat , until the next bite comes that is. Can some people MANAGE a dog like this .. perhaps , if you are always going to be on the lookout for the next bite. Unprovoked bites , and that what transferred aggression results in , is a very very serious issue .

But I made a little mistake .... the best way to handle the situation... in truth [ I should have written this prior , so sorry ] : Don't ever let the chance of the situation to come about in the first place !! That simple !   This is what better ,  I should have written ...

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