5 generation long pedigree for FIUCH Almanza Stranded In A Limousine

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FIUCH Almanza Stranded In A Limousine


SWED/NOR/NORD/INT CH Almanza Larry O'Grady

Gunhills Ear of Esophagus

Gunhills Criss CrossGunhills AciliusNORW SWDN Tryggs Figaro
Downstream Ambleside Jill
Gunhills CameliaNOCH Gunhills Gus Guy
Puhs Freja
Gunhill's Little Ear of MaizeFenrivers FloxCollyers Redman
ENG Wizardwood Brown Owl
NORDUCH INTUCH Downstream Little LocketFenrivers Ling
Nodnetter Lametta
Scarlet O'Hara

Puhs RavenWaterproof Might WoodsmanMeadowrue Intrepid Woodman
Puhs Frigga
Twinkle Flying FlairJupiter of Chadwell
Nord Int. Puh's Hestia
Tar MirielINT CH O'Flanagan Free As AirNOCH Gunhills Gus Guy
Halstock Romany
PringleWaterproof McCloud
Scally Wag Jr Pigeon
CH (AKC) Almanza Exotic Tequila Sunrise

SUCH Lönning'go Carillo Caballero

NUCH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight
CH. & IR. CH. Shargleam BlackcapENG Damases Tarquol of Ryshot
Eng Yonday Willow Warbler of Shargleam
NUCH Cariena's Seven-TenNUCH Woodland Whipper-In
Cariena's One-Seven
NUCH Ellebo's KanniNor Swed Hallbent Dawn PatrolYonday Marshall
Hallbent Dark Dawn
Ellebo's AmandaCambourne Tango
Björshults Elly
Almanza Exotic Spice

SWED/NOR/NORD/INT CH Almanza Larry O'GradyGunhills Ear of EsophagusGunhills Criss Cross
Gunhill's Little Ear of Maize
Scarlet O'HaraPuhs Raven
Tar Miriel
SUCH Almanza Forbidden LoveMount Rose Gordon EddieNor Celebrity of Ryshot
Stolford Felicia
SUCH Almanza Deep FeelingPellagardens Splendid
Wolfhill Dolly Mixture

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