5 generation long pedigree for Darcy of 103 Flats

Pedigree Database

PTSD, level 2 defensive dog and excellent tracker
Female for sale

Miki Dobrzykow import for sale
Female for sale

6 mth import female companion $1200
Female for sale

Pedigree for

Darcy of 103 Flats

VDH EUW'07/CH CH/DCH Tarpilens Sogno Di Cioccolata

SE UCH Caci's Hell of a Lot

NORDW-98 SWEDW98NUCH Cariena's Thirtyfour-FourNUCH
NUCH Cariena's Twentysix-Eight
NUCH Cariena's Fourteen-Ten
Cariena's Eighteen-Nine
Almanza Whispering WindNUCH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight
Genevieve of Bramatha
Almanza Heaven or HellSWED/NOR/NORD/INT CH Almanza Larry O'Grady Gunhills Ear of Esophagus
Scarlet O'Hara
NOR NORW CH Almanza Now Or Never
Cariena's Nineteen-Twelve
SUCH Almanza Forbidden Love
Tarpilens Artemis

NUCH Cariena's Fifteen-Eight
CH. & IR. CH. Shargleam BlackcapENG Damases Tarquol of Ryshot
Eng Yonday Willow Warbler of Shargleam
NUCH Cariena's Seven-TenNUCH Woodland Whipper-In
Cariena's One-Seven
Keca's Nina Ricci Thistle The ScotFTW Tarncourt Noteable
Craigearn Liscia
Gunsmith Mata Hari High Leys Scott
Searover Loffesrandy
Bassia umbra fida

Balko von der Lupinenkuhle

Leangerouse's Black Bay Pearly Coat the Dutch Cabaret Swallowsflight Black Reboyd
Pearly Coat Piccaninny Poshpaw
Lea Earlsworth Firecrest
Deta von RethwischhöhDE&VDH INTU FR LUXCH No Other Way Eurohof
NL CH Ansoncha Lancer
Paddiswood Amber Sherry
Clara von Rethwischhöh Pearly Coat Ginger
Agda vom Königsteich
Bronwynn of Lorien

Wild Field's Candlelight Actor Paco Tonggreen Stormbird
Ami Bramatha Black Alma
Waverton SherryCH. Branchalwood StroanCH. & IR. CH. Shargleam Blackcap
SH.CH. Palnure Pride of Branchalwood
ENG Waverton Katinka Nethercrief Sandy Wagtail
ENG Black Velvet of Candidacasa

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