5 generation long pedigree for Bramatha Black Natasha

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West line German Shepherd
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Puppies for sale

Pedigree for

Bramatha Black Natasha


Norseman of Atherbram

Atherbram Viking

Claverdon ViscountPewcroft ParrGaff of Riverside
Pewcroft Peep
Claverdon TurtledoveClaverdon Pewcroft Pieman
ENG Claverdon Powderbox
Atherbram BrackernENG Atherbram PedroNobby of Riverside
ENG Atherbram Rosebud
Atherbram SarahENG Atherbram Pedro
Atherbram Cowslip
Fanny Agnes of Haydean

ENG Collyers Blakeholme BrewsterBlakeholme JemENG Pewcroft Pitcher
Blakeholme Joke
Rettendon SpoonbillArthur of Fizzgig
Rettendon Bullfinch
Warroch StarWarroch DiamondMika of Yelme
Strowan Black Beauty
Strathendrick DuskENG Strathendrick Shadow
Claverdon Veracity
Atherbram Ability

Stonemeade Bertrum

Stonemeade Prince CharmingHallbent WoodcockENG Fenrivers Golden Rod
Hallbent Happy Wanderer
Hallbent DuskEng Stolford Black Knight
Strathendrick Dawn
Stonemeade Atherbram TrollopeAtherbram VergerClaverdon Viscount
Atherbram Brackern
Isla of PolderPewcroft Perch
Black Smoke of Yarlaw
Auriga of Hartmead of Atherbram

Yarlaw Black StreakBlack Prince of YarlawENG Woodlark
ENG Pewcroft Prop of Yarlaw
Eng Black Fritta of YarlawHartshorn Samphire
Eng Black Lass of Yarlaw
Flowerdon Ebony NocturneTonggreen StarlingENG Fenrivers Golden Rod
Tonggreen Swift
Ryshot Copper LyricRyshot Copper Rambler
Ryshot Stardew

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