5 generation long pedigree for Black Smoke of Yarlaw

Pedigree Database

Puppies from German Import, V Kranichzug Oscar Sch
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VA Daugther for sale , super high quality
Female for sale

Pepper von Kap Karthago V IPO 3/ Darka Van De Ybaj
Puppies for sale

Pedigree for

Black Smoke of Yarlaw

Claverdon Sweep

Claverdon Pluto

ENG Pewcroft PlugBryn of AdlingtonRastus of Adlington
Gwyneth of Adlington
Pewcroft PegAtherbram Warrior
Pewcroft Plague
ENG Claverdon PowderboxEng WatermanAtherbram Simon
Atherbram Meg
ENG Claverdon JetAtherbram Gunner
Bess of Sauch

Nobby of RiversideSmoke of RiversideWizard of Riverside
Sheafhayne GipsyAtherbram Gunner
Overash Black Magic
Judy of SauchPatch of SauchDusk of Riverside
Dot of SauchBang of Riverside
ENG Pewcroft Prop of Yarlaw

Denmere Bruce

Denmere PrincePatch of SauchDusk of Riverside
Dot of SauchBang of Riverside
Denmere Prima DonnaClaverdon StyxRevival of Ettington
ENG Claverdon Jet
Denmere Water RatEng Waterman
Claverdon Faith
ENG Pewcroft Pitch

Bryn of AdlingtonRastus of AdlingtonENG Karla Rat of Adlington
Dawn of Adlington
Gwyneth of AdlingtonRevival of Ettington
Miss Jumbo of Adlington
Pewcroft PegAtherbram WarriorAtherbram Gunner
Atherbram Jetty
Pewcroft PlaguePewcroft Puzzler
Pewcroft Pest

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