5 generation long pedigree for AM/CAN CH Stormwatch Edge of the Cloud

Pedigree Database

Longcoat Showline Female
Female for sale

Imported German Shepherd puppies
Puppies for sale

BSZS V8 Lucka vom Buchenland daugther for sale
Female for sale

Pedigree for

AM/CAN CH Stormwatch Edge of the Cloud

ENG SH CH Vbos the Kentuckian

The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Jaeva

ENG CH Shiredale Magic And Mystery at WistosaEng Shargleam KestrelCH. & IR. CH. Shargleam Blackcap
Eng Shargleam Water Pipit
Wizardwood Black Magic of ShiredaleUKCH - FTA Shargleam Sparrow Hawk
Wizardwood Lark
Fossdyke Keepsake at JaevaFossdyke IllustriousENGSH Llecan Gambit
Fossdyke Finale
Shardik Dove of FossdykeTreebet Commando of Fossdyke
Shargleam Skylark
ENG SH CH Vbos Lady from Louisiana

SH.CH. Branchalwood Strathfinnan JW
SH.CH. Kenjo Black MarkEng Falswift Apparition
Kenjo Black Hyacinth
SH.CH. Branchalwood FionligheCH. Branchalwood Stroan
ENGsh Branchalwood Benvane
ENG SH CH Gayplume Fine Fashion of DravidianSH.CH. Kenjo Black MarkEng Falswift Apparition
Kenjo Black Hyacinth
ENG SH CH Gayplume Dixie JW
ENG EngSH Candease A Hard Days Night
Gayplume Pirouette
CH Rowansgaard During Wind N Rain SH OAJ NA NF WCX**

CH SR Hallbent Most Happy Fella SH WCX CGC

CH Tigermoth of KeepersendENGSH Exclyst WatchmanWatchingwell Foxtrot
Exclyst Sequin
ENGSH Bright Star BrandysnapWithybed Meadow Max of Larksdown
Evarace Tender Seeker
Withybed Sweet Charity at HallbentSH CH Withybed Quartermaster of HuntersdaleENG Hallbent April Storm
Withybed Country Lass
SH CH Gunmakers Gift to HuntersdaleSH.CH. Exclyst Viking
ENG Withybed Meadow Falcon
CAN CH Rowansgaard Lady of Shalott

AM/CAN CH Fossdyke Ocean Voyager CAN CD
Braidwynn Bonnie LadPendlewych Puma
Fossdyke Cascade of Braidwynn
Shargleam Winter Breeze of FossdykeFossdyke Illustrious
Shargleam Terek
AM/CAN CH Rowansgaard Cleo Laine JH WC
CH Tigermoth of KeepersendENGSH Exclyst Watchman
ENGSH Bright Star Brandysnap
Fossdyke NocturneShargleam Crag Martin
Shargleam Winter Breeze of Fossdyke

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