5 generation long pedigree for Redwood's Ricochet

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Redwood's Ricochet

CH CA Cardinal Mtn's Musket

Brick House's Governor

SHCH Snow's Blue WolfSnow's Blue BenFoxstep's Midnight
PreciousKolin's Bubba Ray
Burn's Shelby Rey
Black Oak's MagPieBlack Oak's RebelSH CH Lee's Mississippi Buck
Black Oak's Roxie
Oak Hill's JoleneBeauregard Bleu
Oak Hill's Sunshine
Cow Camp's Bonnie

GritKing TakaJambo's Mega Byte
Satly Dog's Bloody Mary
Whiz's Cha ChaRemo
Round Rock's Chilee
Lil' Diablo's HannaLessel's King KyleRiley
Lessel's Jewel
Windridge's Star of TexasWindridge's High Caliber
Windridge's Pandora Sox
CH Tasso's Creole

QUAD CH Tasso's Zydeco Duke

TRI GRCH Arrow A's Hebert
Johnsonville's Boudreaux
NALC/CCBA SH CH Wolf River's Beau Red
Willow Creek's Delta
Machester's Buckeye
Blair's Fire Truck Rachel
Lee's Hurricane HannaGRCH Lee's El NinoAden's Zack
Balentine's Savannah Ice
Lee's Cinnamon TwistQUAD CH Go Go's Wolf River Buck
GR CH Lees Penny
GRCH Lee's Dyna Might

COMB CH Rocky Points Code BlueQUINT GRCH Ingram's Cracker BoyIngram's Cowboy
Boar Master's Sally Sue
TRI CH Philwood's KatyWager's Half Ring
Wager's Red Gyp
QUAD GRCH Braveheart's Sargent PepperQUINT GRCH White Rock's Mighty TysonStone Throws Colby G
Gold Star's Zona
QUAD GRCH El Dorado's Billie JeanColoma's Mr. Trick
D.X.'s Eldorados Tara

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