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by emoryg on 19 June 2019 - 14:06

Juno, yes that is Bladur Kranz. I believe he told me he purchased Lord in 1989.

by Centurian on 19 June 2019 - 16:06

Hmmmmm ,

The videos form Emroyg were interesting . I think the dog is fantastic. Fantastic GS . Nevertheless, my comment is not about the dog overall . Rather , my comment is in reference to what the helper was demonstrating exactly  and his comments . The videos have different aspects to them , of which I will limit myself to discuss but one.

The helper stated " the [ the dog ] would go for the man " . I think that he stated that because of two reasons : The eyes of the dog seem to give a hint that the dog would but that is a hint and not a confirmation. The whole scenario did not demonstate that the dog actually would go for a man .   OK , I believe what the helper states , for the benefit of the doubt . [ he may have very likely interacted with the dog many times prior to making the video . I think this is the case IMOp. ]

There is no way on earth , I would have evaluated the dog or demoed the dog that manner that he did , to make that point : the dog would bite the man . Just saying. I am not critisizing the dog or the man . That is but just a few moments in time that he is talking about the dog in a few seconds interaction. But that video by itself , does not support what was expressed by the hepler . The reason I make point of that is : Many people do not know how to access the dog in that regard : will the dog bite a man for real . So for the people trying to learn : I ask you - what was it in that video that specifically would make you think that dog would have bit a man ? And if you [ the newbies] agree with me , how would you evaluate the dog to determine if that dog would have bit that man for real ?

Some may agree with me and I know others will not. But I leave the explanation for what I just wrote and my opinion , for  the others that have posted in the thread to explain further if they care .

by ValK on 22 June 2019 - 02:06

The helper stated " the [ the dog ] would go for the man " . I think that he stated that because of two reasons : The eyes of the dog seem to give a hint that the dog would but that is a hint and not a confirmation. The whole scenario did not demonstate that the dog actually would go for a man .

would you like the dog to confirm in action his intend, if you being dressed in t-shirt and shorts and protected only by sleeve? :)
my understanding is that he explained how to work out dog though the sleeve, when dog itself have more interest in the man behind that sleeve.

by Centurian on 22 June 2019 - 12:06

Valk ,I understand what you wrote pertaining to what the man said and why as weell as what he did . My point is that he also said the dog would go for the man [ withour proof ] and I am pointing out for those that would want to know why the man said that, " the dog would go for the man" , because the video gave no indication or proof of that .

To clearly demo the point he is making about working a dog that would bite a man IMOp : The man should have and for the puprose of a thread , shwon that the dog indeed would go for the man , any part of the man. Then he should have shown thereafter ' how to work a dog like that ' . [ maybe he did for the on lookers prior to the video , I do not know ]. That is what I was trying to state. In my post . Then I asked .. for peopleb who visit the PDB to learn : how would you evaluate whether the dog would go for the man or not , because there is a correct way to evaluate that ... and we did in our evaluate that in many dogs .

A side comment : And I think people would agree with me on this point to : many times when we worked a dog that would go for a man . Give that dog the bite and that dog would literally spit out the object and go right back for tha man . That is not what I saw in that video . He held the object as far away from himself that he could , the dog bite the object , turned completely away from the man and ran away from him with the object . Now don't misinterpret what I am saying .. I know the point he was making was in the framework of working that kind of dog . I am saying that many times when you evaluate this kind of dog , zeroed in on the man , they readily discard the object they bit and move forward to look immediately to bite the man .. not always but quite often enough times . But we never saw any indication this dog was or was not like that - only that presentation of what he did in that one interaction .

Many people have brought me a dog and they say my dog is this and my dog is that will do this or do that . And when I see the dog , I find out differently , just saying... So just because someone says this , you take their word as gospel all the time ? BTW, I have seen professionals , the best of the best , mis evaluate a dog a number of times.

I'll give you one example : How many times someone had brought a dog to me and they stated : " this dog has no prey drive " and then when I interacted with the dog , the dog had no problem with predatory behavior in the protection work . So please do cut me a little slack when I hear someone state something specifically about a dog with no evidence ..Many even the best have miscued on working/ evaluating ... after all we all are human and we all make mistakes... [ not that i didn't beleive the man as I wrote ] Again , try to understand the wavelegnth I am on , when I do not see an exact , specific proof and preformance of the dog and the whole complete picuture for those that may want to learn.

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