5 generation long pedigree for Cross Country Dusty Trails

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Cross Country Dusty Trails

FC Dingus MacRae

FC Lar-May Huntmaster

IFC Lar-May ToastmasterIFC Mt Zion PeteIFC Dagwood's Labaan
Baronet Darkness
FC Model Swampy ToastieIFC Lehigh Abe
Model Swampy Floreen
High Peak Babbling PebblesFC Rekkareds DannyNo information about the sire
No information about the dam
Ed SuzetteNo information about the dam
No information about the sire
FC Cunningham's Annie

INT FC Wally of FlolineINT FC Mon Chein WallyKarmir High Speed Billy
Mon Chein Pat
INT FC Lar Relva Des BricFlat Shoals Buck
Windy Hill Lassie
FC Cunningham's JanieOtsdaws MohawkIFC Bealwood Mr. Clipper
Otsdawa's Sandra
Otsdaws StormyFish Creek Andy
Fish Creek Duchess
Spring Road Gay Blaze

Gay Baker

FC Williams' Pointline BuddyFC High Rock RangerFC Lone Hickory Ranger
Prices Babe II
FC Williams MissieFC Chestua Dixie Major
FC Abernathy's Honey Comb
Gay FuryFC Patterson's Little KingFC Jimmy's Little Sportsman
FC Auston's Dottie
Gay SlideOxford Abner
Gay Mamie
Gay Cindy

FC Wilson's Timmy II
FC Twink-L-Hill Timmy
IFC Wilcliffe Bannister
FC Twink-L-Hill Tuffy
FC Pearidge Hasty
Pea Ridge Benny
FC Pearidge Cindy
Gay Nell IVFC Lone Hickory DrumFC Lone Hickory Ranger
FC Price's Mollie
Gay SlideOxford Abner
Gay Mamie

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