5 generation long pedigree for BFC Happyrun Potter's Duke

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BFC Happyrun Potter's Duke

FTC Coldcreek Al

Happyrun Sailor

INT FC Able's East Coast Trimmer
CFC Doverhill Doc Of RockingstoneFC Middle River Music Man
Lyon's Dutchess of Shad Bay
CFC Harelock Candy BarFC Dunswick Ebony
FC Robandits Linda
Happyrun BlazeCAN FC Fran-Keyline's Chief WhitefootCAN FC Marine Gaylad
River Ban Bonnie
Timberlane's Nifty of HappyrunWeona's Sailor Boy
Robanit's Freckles
Wabasso McRanald Tartan

FC Birch Lake Texas T
FC Dom's DougieIron Country Jackie
Indian Village Sing
FC Birch Lake SparkieFC Larmay Butch
Southside Agnes
Wabasso Pepper GrinderAusable River SchnappsFC Dom's Dougie
Wilber's Sweet Melody
Nutmeg of WabassoFC J-Wal Of Roxline
Wabasso Sing-a-long Sue
Maple Lane Frosty Bawls

Cama Spike Driver Macrae

FC Dingus MacRae
FC Lar-May HuntmasterIFC Lar-May Toastmaster
High Peak Babbling Pebbles
FC Cunningham's Annie
INT FC Wally of Floline
FC Cunningham's Janie
Cama Bobby's Luv BugIFC Adirondack BobbyIFC Line Elm Bimbo
IFC Adirondack Judy
Maggie M IIIFC Dingus MacRae
Mike's Snoopy VIII
Perchriver Little Princess

Kushaqua ZekeIFC Champlain BuckyCD
FC Melody Line Aruza CD
IFC Maple Sugar Diana
Wild Seasons PiperKushaqua Major
Kushaqua Lady
Brother's QueenieAce's BrotherBlack Hawk V
Van Boyd Cookie
Gorham's JudyClifton Rebel Dream
Petey's Little Boots

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