5 generation long pedigree for Wheatley Costly

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Wheatley Costly

CH Stoke Place Sapper

Stock Place Scholar

Stoke Place Scamper AStoke Place SamboStoke Place Solomon
Stoke Place Liberty
Stoke Place WakefulEton College Woodman
Eton College Penitent
Stoke Place MockeryCheshire MerryboyHulton Gamester
Hulton Merrylass
Cheshire MovementCheshire Bellman
North Worcestershire Columbine
Stoke Place Winsome

Stoke Place WatchmanChawston GuardsmanCheshire Bellman
Chawston Gaylass
Hulton WantonCheshire Dauntless
Hulton Wonder
Stoke Place MischiefStoke Place ArchieChawston Guardsman
Stoke Place Madcap
Stoke Place MockeryCheshire Merryboy
Cheshire Movement
Wheatley Countess

CH Wheatley Councillor

Springhill MastermanHalstead Place ForagerPetting's Prater
Petting's Frantic
Springhill MischiefHalstead Place Searcher
Halstead Place Music
Springhill ComedyThorpe Satchville Nominal 1897Thorpe Satchville Loyal 1895
Thorpe Satchville Melody 1893
Springhill CraftySpringhill Proctor
Springhill Careful
CH Wheatley Frantic

Springhill FlagrantHalstead Place Monarch AHalstead Place Searcher
Halstead Place Music
Wooddale FancifulTrinity Foot Foreman 1905
Wooddale Fancy
Springhill FlightyHalstead Place ForagerPetting's Prater
Petting's Frantic
Halstead Place FrolicTrinity Foot Foreman 1905
Thorpe Satchville Festive

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