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by COGSD on 15 October 2018 - 18:10

The OP has asked me to remove her question and I have done so.

I have also tried to answer some of your questions now that the OP retracted her question.

Western Rider

by THE K9 CONSULTANT on 15 October 2018 - 18:10

Some questions to ask.
Has the sire & dam been evaluated? 
Have they been tested and cleared of any health issues (hips/elbows/dm/wd, etc.....)
What does this have to do with the OP asking if anyone has had any experience with her problem  Western Rider

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 15 October 2018 - 19:10

The OP is asking for information   

Please do not let this post turn into whether they should or should not be breeding or if their dogs have met whatever standards one deems needs to be met.

by Rik on 15 October 2018 - 19:10

well, since the OP did not witness a breeding the only option is wait and see.

just to add, people from all over the world have contributed their dogs and pedigrees (good for them and PDB) to make this a sucessful site, but now "standards" don't matter?



Rik you are assuming that I was referring to some breed standard which I was not.  I was referring to those that think it is OK to bash another person because they do not breed according to another members standards.  Western Rider


Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 15 October 2018 - 20:10

Rik I never said that standards DON'T matter.  I just do not want a thread that is asking for  an answer to a question not be turned into a discussion or debate as to if the dogs should be bred at all.


by 1Ruger1 on 15 October 2018 - 22:10

Western you are essentially saying the standard doesn’t matter by warning other members against any further questioning of the OP.

I am assuming that you are referring to some sort of breed standard which I was not and would have NOTHING to do with the OP asking if anyone had any experience with what she described. Western Rider

The Op is asking a question about breeding and K9’s question falls into that category. How can true lovers of the breed NOT ask these questions?

How can true lovers of the breed not Help another and answer the question they asked  instead of asking questions that have nothing to do with the question

Western Rider

The K9 consultant might have cut to the quick, quickly, lol, but they asked what every other conscientious GSD lover was thinking.

Try being more helpful and less conscientious to your agenda.

Western Rider

There are certain Pre-requisites before allowing two dogs to make puppies! At least there should be with an ethical breeder.

This is not worth the effort
What is wrong with asking such a question when someone is asking a “breeding” question?

They were not asking what you or anyone else thought if they should or should not breed but did anyone else have a similar experience
The worse that can happen is they don’t take the good advice and continue to do as they intend, OR maybe they learn something valuable that they didn’t know and the breed benefits !

Where did any of you offer GOOD advice

Better yet, maybe the OP has done all the screening test and evaluations necessary!


by 1Ruger1 on 16 October 2018 - 00:10

Western ~ You removed the OP’s post at her request? Wow! Didn’t know that was allowed?
1 The OP asked a question about breeding and K9 replied with an inquiry about her breeding pair. Seems legit to me.

2 My agenda? You are questioning my agenda? My agenda is only what is best for the breed and supporting breeding animals obtaining certain health screenings is a respectable agenda ! To support anything contrary is a questionable agenda.

3 being helpful isnt necessarily telling someone what they want to hear or supporting things you don’t believe is good for the breed. We should be free to share our opinions about breeding on a thread titled as much.

4 I offered no advice because the OP ran off and you hijjaked this thread before a conversation could even get started. 

This thread looks more like a 1st graders grammar paper with all the yellow highlighting and instructions. 





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