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by misteguaycreek on 22 February 2019 - 13:02

Dog never delivered, keep getting put off for full refund.

The end of October 2018 I sent Aleksandar Fanino Filipovic a $1250 (1000 euro approx) deposit on Ennie Vom Radhaus, JR 755178who was bred to Cherokee Vom Fanino. She was confirmed pregnant on November 5, and I proceeded to send him balance due ($4700 USD total price), over the course of several consecutive days because Western Union would not approve more than 1000 euros at a time. Aleksandar said she would ship within the week. She never had a confirmed flight until November 29, 2018. I had hired a customs broker, and she was to come into Detroit Metro Airport late that afternoon. At this point she was just a couple weeks out from her due date.
On Tuesday, November 27, I received a message from Aleksandar, while he was in the Phillipines, that Ennie had sustained a serious injury on some barbed wire while out for a nature walk, and would not be coming. He said internet connection was scarce and would get back to me later. Later was like 10 or 12 days later, he then told me she lost the litter as well. He said he could send me a different female, but never sent any details. I told him I had wanted Ennie because she had been bred to Cherokee, and at this point Cherokee had been sold and shipped to the US the first week of November, so there was no chance of breeding another female to him. I told him to just send me a refund, and he agreed to that. I have spent almost 4 mos and a lot of grief and stress trying to get all my money back, and currently have received $4,000 USD....that was with constant hounding and many broken promises and excuses for not sending it. Today, February 22nd, 2019, I have been promised the final $700 installment several times, only to be lied to again, and I am still waiting.
I have had a previous purchase of a female from Aleksandar in February of 2018, and all went well. I was told by others he was honest, a man of honor and integrity. That opinion of him is rapidly slipping away....he has literally put me through hell in all aspects of my life....I have been dealing with recovering from a near fatal horseback riding accident and he well knew that I was purchasing this female to help me mentally with my recovery, to have something else to focus on.
I have since told him I really need to finish up this refund, as I could use the money for rising medical bills....I have learned he has no compassion in his heart.
He has continued to travel all over, sell more dogs, and leave me hanging.
And to top this all off, a friend of mine that had been doing some “detective” work, found that he had sold this same dog to a lady in Georgia earlier in the year. She had just sent him the deposit and was waiting for Ennie to be confirmed pregnant, when Aleksandar contacted her and told her he would not sell her the dog because she was having “health issues”. She never received her deposit back. She had even posted the announcement of Ennie coming to her kennel, on her website.
I have proof of all conversation with Aleksandar, and screenshots of Ennie being announced as coming to GA.
Throughout the past 11 months I have given many referrals to Aleksandar, based on my transaction with him in February 2018, one man purchasing over $20,000 USD in dogs from him based on my recommendation. And he is currently still awaiting paperwork that should have been to him long ago.
This man sells a lot of dogs and I simply want my refund he agreed to, and rightfully so, as I did not receive what I paid for.


by DuganVomEichenluft on 22 February 2019 - 15:02

I started doing research after reading the 1st paragraph and found this:

I sure hope you get this all sorted out. Best of luck.



by old shatterhand on 22 February 2019 - 19:02

I don't even understand why people keep buying those dogs from Europe. Every week We have very similar articles of cheating and so on. Many are disappointed either by the transaction or the quality of those dogs. I am watching all those Imports and to me nothing valuable comes from those Eastern European Countries. Why to bring them here if you can buy much better dogs in USA ,and have some guarantees, if you are cheated you can always take the seller to court. We have some really Top dogs here in USA which were
VA at BSZS or high placed in Germany, Italy. These are only two countries I would buy dogs from, rest I don't really care for.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 22 February 2019 - 19:02

Dugan your link does not work for me. To the OP, does this person advertise here and if so what is the user name??

by Vinny B on 22 February 2019 - 20:02

Old Shatterhand. I agree there are many scum bags in Europe, but there are also many scum bags in the US and Canada. An ass wipe by the name of Charles Durand screwed my partner and myself out of a male he had already sold and he has cheated many other pple also. Liars and scam artists, unfortunately, are everywhere. The best way to purchase a dog is to physically go to the breeder or to work with a trusted partner from past transactions.


mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 22 February 2019 - 20:02

Vinny BThumbs Up

by misteguaycreek on 22 February 2019 - 21:02

I needed to edit my post, Ennie was sold to a lady in North Carolina, not Georgia. She says she never received the dog, nor did she get her deposit back....however she still has her on her website, ZufluchtK9s

by hexe on 22 February 2019 - 21:02

Mr. Darcy, for some reason Dugan's link has conjoined itself to the PDB URL, thus the 404 page. Try this:

by old shatterhand on 22 February 2019 - 21:02

Vinny B why did you go and buy a dog from someone who never show ,nor train any dogs. Durand was just horse trader. I think Europe has by far much more scum bags then you can find in North America. I Imported in the past many dogs from Europe, and unfortunately not many good one .


by khalirey on 23 February 2019 - 01:02

So let me get this right. Ennie was originally sold to a Kennel in NC by the name of Zuflucht K9s and they too never received the dog but is listed on their website as one of their females saying she was imported. They even go into detail to describe her personality as 'She is agile, fast, incredibly biddable, and a confident, happy female with outstanding character and personality!' Does she have Ennie in her possession?


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