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by Hundmutter on 29 March 2019 - 08:03

ValK, would I be right in thinking Consumer Protection legislation has progressed at about the same pace and in similar fashion in Belarus and in Czechia, and the rest of the old Eastern Bloc countries, as a result of their shared political history ? Less priority placed on it, perhaps ?

by ValK on 29 March 2019 - 22:03


Belarus is not Russia anymore than Ukranians are Russians

perhaps. but that is lone european state whose folk willingly remain allies to russian "empire". that says alot about to whom belong the loyalty, affiliation and shared values majority of inhabitants of that country.

Now we are going to blame unethical / illegal actions on the country of origin instead of the unethical person? Seriously??
I had a gentleman from Belarus that worked for me. A finer more honest individual you couldn't find. I'm sure he would take issue with that just the same as if I said you were a crook because of where you were born.

sure, decent persons can be found everywhere but ethical environment and accordingly moral values within the country doesn't formed by those individuals but rather by remaining 90%, who's believe that they are exceptional and superior to rest of the europeans. 

Common sense  would dictate that we hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions not their country or the buyer.

go ahead and do this :)
dealing with breeder in western country, you at least can appeal to respective legal institutions of that country.
what is your chances to protect your rights in state, where human rights was never been object for care, leave alone consumer rights and particularly of consumer from western society, to whom they feel hostile?
the only way to be safe is to avoid any sort of business in such society. if you take the chance, responsibility for outcome will lay with you.

by ValK on 29 March 2019 - 22:03


states of the former eastern bloc have centuries of cultural, social and economic experience in cooperation through all Europe, before they been forced into isolation from rest of the Europe by russians.
sure, 50 years had it's impact on mentality, but not enough to change people irreversible.

on other hand, russian's mentality has roots in moral, values and ethics of Golden Hord, who in fact established that territory as vassal administrative unit of their vast empire. eventually, after decline of Golden Hord, they got independence but retained name, social and cultural base, inherited from mongols. name Russia is relatively modern and introduced first under ruling of czar Peter the Great in 18 century, who lately proclaimed himself emperor and the principality of Moscow as Russian empire.
nevertheless there never was attempt of them to become part of Europe through all their history.
neither at the end of 20 century, when seems chance was good to join rest of civilized world.

answer to your question is no.
Consumer Protection legislation foremost rely on ethical, cultural and moral values in society. in that respect differences between russians and rest of eastern Europe is quite significant.

by stormins on 30 March 2019 - 07:03

Re-Read the title of this thread...

A couple of you have gone on excursions off of the reservation into geographical political science  and flights of fancy consiting of "should a would a coulda " and lets blame the buyer. There are several  far more experienced breeders than I referenced in this thread that have been caught up in Alex's documented deception that seems to warrant no more than a token "he was a bad boy" but lets get back to "bash the buyer", and you know you "can't" do anything in these countries because the legal system is rigged etc etc.

You are missing the point.  Not once have I suggested legal action in these types of countries  because the cost is counter productive.  You seem to forget that the DDR was produced in EAST GERMANY!!!  A country far more repressive than Russia itself whom they were associated with. And yet everbody in the West wants those dogs that,  surprise,  came from sketchy countries.  Why? Because their breeding programs were just as brutal as their treatment of their own people which resulted in some awesome dogs that crappy American showlines can't hold a candle to.

 I have mounted an expose via this thread AFTER  the seller was given a chance to correct his actions (more on this later in another comment)  He chose not to and at that point an expose was the best course of action. Rather than assist in the expose as many have who  had dealings  with Alex and were afraid to speak out because they knew that some people who rarely if ever make any purchases with thier own money would see this as an opportunity to pontificate on their omniscient ability to forsee the future,  all the while trumpeting from the highest rooftop that THEY never make mistakes, which is very true when you don't actually do anything except observe and pontificate on how you would never have made that same mistake yourself  given the same set of circumstances. 

It's easy to sit on the couch and scream at the Tele about what you would have done when you aren't actually on the field making the plays.


It is no wonder people are afraid to come forward and expose the crooked sellers with DOCUMENTATION given this dogpile on the buyer mentality that some have. 

Here is the concept you are missing, Exposes unlike the legal system are alerting other potential buyers to the sellers true character and by their very nature can be as  effective as the law itself. At that point the potential buyer KNOWS of the issues instead of making a buying decision on your  hypothesis, suppositions, and research based on faulty data promulgated by a crooked seller, not to mention your fear of possibly making a bad decision  which results in you doing..... nothing.

In another lifetime I built a business from 0 to 25 full time employees before I sold it. I can assure you there is no money to be made playing it safe sitting on the couch watching with the rest of the lookie loos, the money is where everbody else isnt and there is no future in rolling over when a deal goes south.

I for one refuse to live my life in fear or in a state of constant suspicion, Nor am I going to lend much credence to someone who never makes any mistakes. anymore than I going to sit on my hands and do nothing because I might get burnt. At some point I will and have. When that happens a private one on one conversation with the offending party will ensue, offering solutions to rectify what very well have been an honest mistake by either side. 

An HONEST businessman will come to the table, if they choose not to then chances are very high one is not alone in that bad experience.


by stormins on 31 March 2019 - 15:03

Analysis paralysis


Analysis paralysis describes a moment when over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation can cause it to become 'paralyzed', meaning that no action was taken therefore a solution is not reached. A situation may be deemed as too complicated and a decision is never made due to the fear that a potentially larger problem may arise. A person may desire a perfect solution but fear making a decision that could result in error, while on the way to a better solution.

Analysis paralysis is when the fear of potential error outweighs the realistic expectation or potential value of success, and this imbalance results in suppressed decision-making in an unconscious effort to preserve existing options.


In a paper published in 1970, based on a speech in 1969 and other works, Silver and Hecker wrote:

The Duke group has used the term "analysis-paralysis" to point out that, if we wait until we have completely answered all the questions and solved all of the problems before training the personnel we need, we will never reach a solution. The insistent demands for further study and extensive evaluation suggested by some may only be a defense by those who do not wish to change or those who fear change.

"Overthinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry & just make everything much worse than it actually is!"
― Anonymous

"The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, while the dull win the race with eyes closed."
― Bethany Brookbank

"My father taught me not to overthink things, that nothing will ever be perfect, so just keep moving and do your best."
― Scott Eastwood


by ValK on 31 March 2019 - 16:03

look, i unacquainted with this breeder. know about him only from what have seen on this board. some people seems happy with his dogs. some people don't.
at one point i got curious, did some research and was disappointed by results. absolutely obvious those dogs are bred with accent on their look.
at least i wasn't been able to find one single proof to back their working abilities, which a must, if breeder claims "DDR purity" of these dog.
its just average pet quality dogs with unique looks which place them on same line with dogs bred for show. i have no interest in such type at all.

if your intention was to breed those acquired dogs with same goal and lately you found obstacle to commercial success such as missing or faked information in pedigrees - i honestly cannot feel any sorrow and compassion for your loss.
there are still breeders in Germany and elsewhere, who specializes on "DDR" dogs with accurate paperwork but for unknown reason you took the risk to deal with someone else hard to reach for responsibility.

by stormins on 01 April 2019 - 14:04


Myself and several others such as Mr Alex Stewart have taken the time to alert others to the dangers of dealing with this breeder via this thread and share our personal knowledge and experiences with the German Shepherd community. Similar  information to that which you so selfishly kept to yourself. It is not pleasant to open oneself up to ridicule from the imperious. But we didn't post this information for the pretentious who are at their pinnacle, but for those who are climbing up to your lofty position.


at one point i got curious, did some research and was disappointed by results. absolutely obvious those dogs are bred with accent on their look. 
at least i wasn't been able to find one single proof to back their working abilities, which a must, if breeder claims "DDR purity" of these dog.
its just average pet quality dogs with unique looks which place them on same line with dogs bred for show.

Can you please give us the link where you previously shared this very important information with the GSD community?


there are still breeders in Germany and elsewhere, who specializes on "DDR" dogs with accurate paperwork 


Interestingly enough I see you have posted no list of those breeders here, no effort to help point those looking for a good DDR breeder in the right direction, No effort to promote the good honest breeders. Once again keeping information for the good of the GSD commuty to yourself. 


Of course  one would expect a lack of empathy from those whose only concern is to selfishly and publicly congratulate themselves with their prowess.

 i honestly cannot feel any sorrow and compassion for your loss. 


I cannot think of a better way for the GSD community to become stronger, and the breed be improved, than contributors selflessy contributing their knowledge for the good of the community.  Not to denigrate  but to educate, regardless of their level or expertise. 


by Hundmutter on 02 April 2019 - 16:04

As I already said before, I am not telling you what you should have done differently, or what you should do now, with your particular complaint.  And I have not tried to justify Sosnovsky's behaviour.  What I AM pointing out to you, and everyone else who reads here, is that its all very well taking business 'risks' ONCE YOU KNOW & ACCEPT WHAT THEY ARE, but please don't do that with flesh & blood ANIMALS, as distinct from shoes or cars or whatever that is not sentient.


by kitkat3478 on 04 April 2019 - 02:04

I have read entire thread now, and it such a shame that this is what has come out about this kennel. I am also a fan of the DDR dogs. Love them, I have a couple myself, that are full DDR, I spent a good bit of time today researching their pedigrees and can take them to the DDR registries and their foundation status. But I also did that before I bought them.
The only e female I went the safe route, and bought thru Grafental in Germany, their reputation speaks for itself, the other female, also full DDR, I found her local to me and have been very pleased with both.
I also was interested in buying pup from Stasi, but I am glad now, life got in the way of that, even if it had not, the price on them would have put a quick halt to it anyway.
I would be highly upset to have the discrepancies in my dogs if I had paid that kind of money for a pup.
The look is not all that unique, I have several that come out looking like those dogs, and mine have German Showline crossed in, and now I have my Bomber girl in too, I have had several of my dogs certified police k9, and several in sport utility most good old family members. Great health and excellent temperaments. All ready to take on whatever task life brings them.
You just live and learn, some lessons cost more than others. I appreciate learning this one has not cost me, and I feel bad how much he it has cost others.
I gonna post pics below of some of mine


by kitkat3478 on 04 April 2019 - 03:04

For some reason I cannot enable editor


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