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by Anne5928 on 21 December 2018 - 00:12

Today was just xrays. She already had preliminary results with OFA at 14 months old. See above.
My contract with him is not valid; he was not the owner of the dog. Bob Fox is a con artist as far as I can tell.
Today there were no plans to send the X-rays off for certification, so she didn’t note any specific birthday. Although I’m sure I can call the office, and they will be happy to note her age. They did copy her papers before I left, but there was no mention of her age during the X-rays. This was probably just her guess. These were X-rays purely to prove to Bob and anyone else, that the dog getting X-rays is the very same dog I got from him. There are pictures and videos of her on my Facebook he has commented on, acknowledging her to be Hemi. He basically called me a liar by suggesting I took some unknown black GSD for X-rays. That might be something he would do, but not I. How does any of this serve me? I got her for breeding, and can’t use her as planned? Ask yourself that?
He knew that was a lie, but starangers might not. He was counting on that. So, I let him know that she was scheduled for more X-rays today at 10:30. Invited him to show up. He didn’t. I defended myself by taking video of Hemi Vom Fox for X-rays live for everyone to see. This way his lie doesn’t work anymore. Everyone who knows Hemi; Everyone who has seen me post pics and videos of her since she was a pup knows she is the same dog I got from Bob on that table. Still no apology from Bob. Nothing.
Really terrible thing here is that the vet said she is in tremendous pain. She said she needs to be put down if hip replacement wasn’t a possibility. Do you think Bob cares? I can assure you he doesn’t. She is the victim of his bad breeding practices. She is the victim of his bs argument that he has never had a dog come back with bad hips therefor it can’t be true. He is the one lying about health testing his sire and dam, not me. I’ve spent a small fortune on a dog I got for breeding that I can’t use. I have a dog that is in pain who doesn’t deserve to be. I have to make a decision about what is in her best interest. Im sure he is losing no sleep over it. I have nothing else to prove. The truth was always on my side.

by Prager on 21 December 2018 - 07:12

At the risk that I will be accused that I am defending Bob Fox - which I am not, I will say ( again) that there always are 2 sides ( at least)  of the same story. One needs to know the position of the enemy in order to know how to defend itself. I am not passing any judgments, I leave that up to people who read this and ultimately to court if t goes there,....  here is what I have found.
Bob Fox on his FB "Ohio Guard dogs" claims that this female which you have x rayed is a different dysplastic black female from a different breeder and not his. I am not saying that the case. I am just saying what he says. Is there a tattoo or chip? If yes that could help your case. He also says that he does not want to breed the dysplastic dog that he wants his original nondysplastic dog back since you are moving away from Ohio to Texas which is not part of the original agreement where you got the dog for free and need to give pups as a payment and if you are in Texas that is too far for such agreement. I think it would really help your case if the dog was chipped or tattoed by him before you got the dog or if there are some pictures of specific marks like black spots on the tongue and so on. Otherwise, we have "he says - she says".
He also says that there is $10 000 penalty written in the contract if you do not return the dog thus that may be his motivation to do all this so as I have said it may end up in court.
if I would be you I would definitely try to positively identify the dog by chip or markings of the sort or DNA. It is hard to defend your self against lies I would make sure that you have all ducks in the line if this does go to court.

 One must be realistic and realize that if this goes to court you will have one hell of a  fight you do not want to lose. 

Baerenfangs Erbe

by Baerenfangs Erbe on 21 December 2018 - 13:12

This is seriously getting ridiculous.

Baerenfangs Erbe

by Baerenfangs Erbe on 21 December 2018 - 15:12

He also claims to have never had HD in 38 years. That right there should raise every damn red flag out there. Furthermore, he's been harassing women, sending them dick picks and trying to get nudes from women. He's also rather racist. Wanna know just how racist and a poor excuse of a human being he is, follow this link and READ the comment section. There are screenshots. I saved them in case the post gets deleted. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know![0]=68.ARDHR7GWlOOFActWHwL6HDbFPwb2I4g_FMeDLPCevj70ChfRzmdp2kTDiIH1MRsR7bAJvIV60dl5FGYjien-WOIJhwG_ZGmTkf2YWYyzUTuBpZGsckKmMvcXIbGNXDa51V91P_BSbUDSm0HPrvUaymcHJn5dul4AwXIRO_SUflsHnoKwVAsvyLkfaGXEG3RtI-u4ODc2J4-P0s8gAtv8lZ_ixMCI91nzxny3pVMHQdqn32ldYRpKGqAbcWP3aWv4FsrDnLkJWiLScKfCq_Juk3cEkWDz19nvtMuR_seHpDXDwfeJY5ZJqcDcUT7Mfssn1G-R&__tn__=-R

GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 21 December 2018 - 15:12

LMFAO, Prager you amaze me with your lack of knowledge of OFA. Every dog that gets OFA has to be chipped or have a tat. I highly doubt whether Anne switched out these dogs and then video taped the latest xray. That makes no sense. Plus she invited Bob to witness said xray and of course he didn't show. Are you deaf, dumb and blind? BTW, I stand by the fact that most people who threaten to sue, never follow through. It is a just a threat and most people don't threaten they just sue. It is generally an empty threat.

by Anne5928 on 21 December 2018 - 16:12

First- I don’t have two black German Shepherds. Boldface lie #1

Second -she was microchipped and xrayed on video yesterday, and the hips are the same as the X-ray from Georgetown.

Third- he was invited to the exam yesterday, but didn’t show up (if that was really his concern.)

Forth- I had no plans to move when I got her, and there was nothing about my location on any agreement. Another boldface lie.

Fifth- me moving didn’t matter. She would have a two heat cycles before I left. Even if one were after I’m going to be back and forth a lot I have family here. I could even leave her with a friend for that second breeding.

Sixth- I told him if that was really a concern he could have all of the first litter. He didn’t want that. Then he became nasty saying well he may want all males, and a bunch of other bs. I said if this is such a problem then take her back, and place her with someone else for breeding. I’m not making moving / life decisions based on what Bob wants. He didn’t want that either.

Seven- At a regular vet exam to get heart worm meds and rabies vaccine the vet pointed out her hip popping out. I have that report.

Then I took her to another vet for confirmation, and hip X-rays at Georgetown FACT
Eight- I don’t need a free dog with bad hips.
I wanted something to add to my breeding program.
Nine- I just had a litter of pups with OFA normal hips and excellent pedigrees. I could have kept one of them if I wanted a pup. I was looking to add another dog to my breeding program.
Ten- Bob Fox is a liar he doesn’t want her back. I have offered. He wants me to breed her or pay him off, and I’ll see him in court before either.
What you need to pass along is this. I would spend whatever was necessary to make sure he didn’t see a dime. In the end he will pay my attorney fees, vet bills, and boarding cost for having a dog I can’t use. For the confusion about who her actual owner is. I imagine that has something to do with AKC fraud.
She can’t be used for breeding, I offered her to go back, just wanted to be sure I had all the X-rays and proof I needed first to prove what I was saying. I wanted his son to sign because his son was her owner. That’s when Bob flipped out. He doesn’t want this dog.

He wants to act like I needed a free dog? You don’t know me. I don’t need a free dog.
Tell him to have her put down, or get her hip replacement if he gives a shit about her. She is microchipped, and on video now getting X-rays, so I can prove the hips are the ones I’ve posted.
Bob uses suing people to supplement his income, sells dogs, trains them, and posts the videos constantly. Does he really think that’s not fraud while getting SSI? Apparently he doesn’t report the income, because they are under the assumption he can’t work. Bob is a fraud. Bob is a con artist, and I’m not going to be conned. Bob could have handled this like any decent breeder by meeting me with her at a vet of his choice for X-rays. He didn’t want to do that because he knew I was telling the truth. Then he could have taken her, and this would be done. He wanted to take her without me. I wasnt about to fall for that. You may think u know Bob, but I don’t think you do.
Again, there is live feed on my fb page of her at the vet yesterday on the table with the vet showing her X-rays, and explaining them. Bob knows that’s her. She is microchipped. The vet took pictures as well for her chart. I have zero obligation to do anything else. If he or his son doesn’t want her back then I’m going to look at hip replacement or putting her down. Feel free to pass that along:)

by Anne5928 on 21 December 2018 - 16:12

An image

by Anne5928 on 21 December 2018 - 16:12

An image

by Anne5928 on 21 December 2018 - 16:12

The mistake was on their end not mine. The date sent said 2018 and she said here are yesterday’s X-rays. So obviously that couldn’t be 2015!

by Prager on 21 December 2018 - 17:12

So who microchipped the dog? Him or you? If him you are fine. If you then you may have a problem in court to prove the identity of the dog. I am just saying all this to point out what you are up against if this goes to court otherwise  I can not care less except that I feel sorry for the dog.  

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