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Willy vom Kuckcksland puppies for sale
Puppies for sale

Czech Male 9 months This Ad is a scam Western Ride
Male for sale

Buick Maveka - son Alex z Kristova !!
Male for sale

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 Vladimir Simic. Kings SpiriJamiegroce4172312 months ago by Jamiegroce >> (goto)
 BEWARE OF MARCELO MONTIELVomderhausdavidgsd21900 
 Ivan Yankov and Haus Linde KennelsSnyderHaus Kennels4005212 months ago by 2Cats >> (goto)
 beware of bad breeders/users/liars SHAHBAZ KHAN Mt.Kisco,NY - pages | 2| gsd forever84551512 months ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
 BEWARE PATRICK LOCKETT/ALISHIA LOCKETT/HAUS AMBERG KENNEL - pages | 2| JennSuzanne8639101 years ago by Derek66 >> (goto)
 Martin Sokolovicdavisgsds903191 years ago by Mike Herstik >> (goto)
 IVAN YANKOV IS A BIG THIEF - DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY (Admin. He is banned) - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 12manydogs51430521.2 years ago by Vinny B >> (goto)
 Trainer named roger from bronx ontario - pages | 2| PinkKarma9506101.2 years ago by PinkKarma >> (goto)
 Ruben Cabellos Lino Calvo and Sasha von Calvo Edit by Admin Linda is withdrawing her complaint - pages | 2| German Shepherd6807181.2 years ago by German Shepherd >> (goto)
 Scam Seller Charles Durand UPDATE Proven to Admin - pages | ..... | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | fleetbreeze106269921.3 years ago by Lynda58 >> (goto)
 Police report regarding cheat Ferenc kispeterdaneman200046940 
 Mitchell Bryan Holden Scammerckgsp623141.3 years ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
 No guarantee on hips,elbows or pregnancy BUYER AND SELLER MADE AN AGREEMENTranchlady596281.4 years ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Hausbeck gsd/ zwinger von beckNala20121490341.4 years ago by kitkat3478 >> (goto)
 Hausbeck Long Haired German Shepherds, Stevens, PABetsy8840710 
 Radovan Plavsic & Djordje Plavsic RU Team - Dog they sold me Died- CLAIM NOT PROVEN - pages | 2| 3| German Shepherd20435201.5 years ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Scam sellers2Cats811641.5 years ago by Miro >> (goto)
 Do not buy from Michał Szczypta from Poland Edited by Admin There was no scamlove our shepherds1047821.6 years ago by love our shepherds >> (goto)
 Vom Haus Durand - Buyer Beware PROVEN TO ADMIN KNOWN SCAMMER - pages | 2| 3| danandapril0325226201.7 years ago by fleetbreeze >> (goto)

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