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by duke1965 on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

would say personal taste, because everybody has own idea about good

by joanro on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

So do buyers have personal taste for what they consider good. Personal choice rather than dictate.

by duke1965 on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

I dont have two clients for policedogs that like the same type of dog or do the same testing, each have personal preferences, same in sport, familydog and so on, one mans tiger is another mans pussy

by joanro on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

That's what I'm talking about.....freedom of choice rather than cookie cutter regulations.

by joanro on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

To be clear: So do buyers have personal taste for what they consider good.
That was a statement, not a question..should have said, 'So [also] buyers do have personal taste....'

by ValK on 09 October 2020 - 14:10

old shatterhand

mine interest to GSDs only as a breed, which used to be producer of highly efficient dogs for practical applications.
in my book, present days champs and high level performers in show and sport venues aren't ones, who qualifies for this category.
unfortunately decline of breed in all respect - be it physical appearance, mentality and temperament, intelligence and health is very obvious.
worst part, the new generation of breeders do not have slightest clue what this breed used to be even 30~40 years back, to have a target point with direction where to steer to restore breed.
but i guess duke is right by saying - "one should ask, good for what".


your "free" dog market doing exactly that - leaving consumers without much of choices.

by joanro on 09 October 2020 - 17:10

Valk, I disagree with you, Have you ever come here and seen the choices can find black and red show dogs, police k9 prospects, personal protection dogs, what ever they want. No body stopping them from finding what they want or need.

by ValK on 09 October 2020 - 17:10

sure, quite a selection of the colors and levels of fluffiness.
that's about all, like in dollarama - full shelves with brightly packed junk :)

by joanro on 09 October 2020 - 18:10

No " fluff" in my kennel. But just whatever you happy to believe, makes no difference to me.

by ValK on 09 October 2020 - 20:10

Joan, i'm not talking about your or anyone's else particular dogs. i'm about present overall condition of the breed.
no one can deny that today GS breed have lost credibility in utilization for any real works, where this breed not long ago was undeniable leader, be it military, law enforcement, S&R, assistance to civilian with health problems, etc. breed been turned into average family pets, just like any decorative toy breeds. difference only that it still somewhat resemble noble visual looks of past glory days of breed.
i truly don't know if there are still a breeders who sees GSDs as a practical dogs and not as commodity for an interior.

btw. OP asked how hard to find good female dog.
i would say - today hard to find good representatives of both sexes, 'cause without good bitch you won't get good male dog and vice verse, without good male dog you won't get a good bitch. mediocre mated to good never produce good but mediocre, if not worst.


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