Breeding A stamped hips, normal elbows to a male with mild hips, normal elbows, and dm clear. - Page 2

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Mike D

by Mike D on 02 October 2020 - 15:10

I'll give a reply:

Why would you? There are too many good studs out there who have good hips, good elbows and are DM clear.

This goes with an earlier discussion about breeding to a DM affected dog.
Why do it?

The only possible rational is that the dog brings SO MUCH MORE to the table than can be had elsewhere that the breeding MUST be done to better the breed.

I've heard the rationale that the gene pool is too small and we can't eliminate certain dogs. I'd agree if that particular pedigree combination was super desirable for some reason, and if it couldn't be gotten anywhere else with unaffected dogs. Or if this ONE DOG had other great working attributes that needed saved.

When you apply those criteria then it's likely you will rule that dog out.


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