German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: Team Germany WUSV Member and 5th in the Bundessieg (id: 286215)

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German Shepherd Dog - Stud Dog

Team Germany WUSV Member and 5th in the Bundessieg

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Standing At Stud in Atlanta GA.- SG Cliff vom Schlossee IPO III Kkl1a for life-

Cliff is the epitome of what a stud dog should be. Rich in Pigment, large bone and head, powerful and a proven producer from the finest Old West German working Lines. 

He is the last-born son of the Legendary Sid vom Haus Pixner IPO III Kkl 1a with a very strong Dam bloodline as well.  My breeding program has been designed around old foundation blood lines; Cliff is a product of just such breeding.  He is an incredibly balanced dog with high drives, big grips, power and a clear head.  He has lived in the house with two children under the age of six years old and still performed at the highest levels in the biggest competitions. Cliff was highly used as a stud in Europe and Asia prior to his arrival and we regularly ship semen worldwide. He is a Top Producer and his puppies produces his genotype. 

His accomplishments include: 

2018 German WUSV World Team Member!

2018 German BundesSieger 5th Place!

2017 Landesgruppen Sieger LG 13!

4-time Landesgruppen Competitor

2018 Mehlsack Pokal Champion with 99 in Protection!

DOB: March 29, 2012
Color: Bi color
Height/Weight: 65 cm/95 lbs. in working condition.
Result: Kkl-1a
HD-ZW: 69
Show score: SG
Health results: HD/ ED Normal

Live Cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen available. 

For Info Contact: Atlanta Pro Dog Service, LLC - Rick Schair- Email: - - Mobile: 404-314-6793

Team Germany WUSV Member and 5th in the Bundessieg

Top German Working Dog at Stud in USA: SG Cliff vom Schlossee IPO III Kkl1a for life


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