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NILLO VOM MURRTAL Stud, 3 years old. German bred and born. Pink pedigree. SV hips and elbows with NORMAL, Degenerative Myelopathy clear by Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. Sperm count as one month ago. 2.3 billion sperm... Bred multiple times here in Texas, and we have a pregnant female right now with him. 66.7 cm at the shoulder blades. 100 lbs, very muscular and very big bones. big head. in one word SPECTACULAR Very nice coat and deep rich pigment, Social. Sire is VA Thiago von der Piste Trophe (SZ 2319124) Sire of Thiago is VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland (SZ 2292960) Dam V rated in Germany and fully titled just like sire (Lebenszeit) Absolutely nothing wrong with the STUD. Ready to go anytime. Located in Texas (503) 979-3334

Stud for sale


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